ValueWeb – Chris Skinner book review – The internet of Value 3.0

What I think of ValueWeb

ValueWeb is a book that has 424 pages of information about this new internet of value, the web 3.0. The author introduces the concept of value, it is the first time in the history the internet that we can transfer value over a channel.

Chapter 2 introduce us to the mobile network that will create value over the globe. People will have the privilege to pay with a smartphone like Apple Pay. The unbanked can now participate and be part of the finance industry. What I liked is the example he gives about the success in Kenya with the M-Pesa; transferring money with a mobile phone.

Another chapter talks about cryptocurrency, from the meltdown of Mt. Gox to what you can buy with Bitcoin. Only 30 pages cover this topic, the book doesn't emphasize on this subject, you have some books on the market that goes deeper.

What I really enjoyed was the introduction to the FinTech industry. It is the combination of technology and finance that created this new industry we call FinTech. One of the examples provided is that you can now have a robot-advisor instead of a human for your investment suggestions.

Chapter 5 talk about the current situation of the finance industry. Banks have not made a huge change over the last century and are heavily regulated. The writer presents the situation that banks should adapt to the technology or otherwise the FinTech new business will eat their lunch with the internet of value.

Another chapter presents examples of what the blockchain will bring to the banks. The author wonders if the blockchain can replace the SWIFT network. Furthermore, he puts a lot of emphasis on the bank branch in the digital age.

In general, a big part of the book is about his vision of the banks in the digital age. The banks must think seriously about the new technologies that FinTech is bringing and the blockchains. The banks should prepare themselves on the new trends of ValueWeb or they will sink, and lose market shares.

Case Studies

The book has over 150 pages of interview of people from the industry. 4 areas are covered by many experts, those are:

  • The Bitcoin debate
  • The FinTech start-ups
  • The bank start-ups
  • The philanthropist

I think it is a good idea to have interviewed experts because it gives us an opinion of the vision of ValueWeb from many sources.  I would have put it on a website or in audio format instead of having it included in the book. From my point of view, this is the part of the book I found less interesting.


The book includes a lot of graphics to emphasize the subjects presented by the author. If you want to learn about FinTech, cryptocurrencies in general and ValubWeb 3.0, this is the book you should buy. Imagine that you are on the beach with a good margarita reading this book during your vacation, priceless.

The most important, you are going to learn things with this book, and that is the most essential.

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