The Transition to a Crypto World and the Way your Perceive Value


We are in the early stage of the adoption of crypto and great projects will appear soon that will change the world. The financial world has robbed people for decades and create inequality among their peers on every corner of the planet earth.

In the near future, we are going to have many coins from many sources. Those coins will all have different value base on the offer and demand, and the ecosystem behind them.

Fiat thinking

Since you are born, you have been exposed to the fiat money or sovereign currencies. When you have them on your hands, you have a mental interpretation of what you can do or buy with them. You understand the value and know what you can get in return.

Crypto thinking

This is a new era and when you have a certain quantity of a certain coin, it is really hard to know what you can exchange for it without your fiat currency value equivalence.

Many websites give the value in US dollars to know the movement of the price. The point I want to make is that the vast majority will always rely on the fiat value. I predict that in the future, the price will be shown in the most popular crypto in the market.

It always takes time to change your thinking about something.

Perceiving value

Take for an example the airport of Brisbane in Australia that will be the first one to accept crypto as a form of payment.

Imagine you are a traveler who is waiting for an airplane and you are hungry. You will be able to buy a snack in crypto with your smartphone instead of using your fiat money. Also, you want to bring a nice wine bottle to your loved ones, and again you pay for it in crypto.

This is the reality you will be able to experience in the near future. Everyone will be able to use crypto with many things they already do online!

The transition

When we are going to reach the mainstream phase, we are going to see crypto everywhere. This will become a buzzword like in the early days of the internet. We cannot think without it today, we take it for granted like we are going to take crypto for granted.

The next generation will grow with it like the millenniums grow with the internet.

I see a world full of crypto, where you have dozens of coins in your wallet and you pay for everything with it.

Last word

In my lifetime, I would like to see the disappearance of the banks and credit cards companies. I do not have them in my heart and I know today why life has given me obstacles toward them; to discover the crypto world.

I want to see a world full crypto where everyone has the same chance to have access to a better life. The future will be great, and the internet will provide thousands of opportunities to create an income for life and we will see the end of the domination of companies like Facebook and Google.

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