Top ICOs February 2018


Top ICOs February 2018, this is the list of potential projects that I found appealing for the months of February 2018. I have read all the whitepapers of those projects and discarded the ones less interesting.

It is a lot of work, but I enjoyed doing the process. I discovered the trends and ideas when reading those documents.

Top ICOs February 2018


1 – Arckblock

A solution for developers to build decentralized applications without the burden to build the infrastructure. Arckblock provides the apps and blocklet to access the blockchain, this is the blockchain 3.0 revolution.

Beginning of the ICO: 3 February

Whitepaper: Arcblock WhitePaper


2 – Ceek 

This VR ecosystem will bring this technology to the mass on the smartphone market. The mission is to access live concerts and pay for special contents backed on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the platform will help the VR content creators to have a marketplace for their content as simple as uploading a video on YouTube.

You can buy the VR equipment provided by the company and access special content at low cost. Also, the developers will be able to access an easy platform for developing their contents.

Beginning of the ICO: 5 February

Whitepaper: Ceek Whitepaper


3 – Adhive

The young generation consumes mostly YouTube videos, and almost do not watch TV anymore. With the increase of Ads blockers, advertisers lose a lot of revenue. The solution is to advertise with the influencers market. Adhive will create an ecosystem that will help influencers and advertisers to find the best match on the blockchain.

Beginning of the ICO: 5 February

Whitepaper: Adhive Whitepaper


4- Skaratoken

This project was appealing to me since I played MMO for 5 years with his own economy. Skara is an MMO focused on tournaments, and have eSports in mind, you can compete in a PVP mode. Also, you have the option to play the solo story. The token is based on the norm of the ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain.

Imagine playing an MMO, and making money while doing something you enjoy; a good match!

Beginning of the ICO: 8 February

Whitepaper: Skara Whitepaper


5- Rightmesh

Do you know how many people are unconnected around the world or do not have access to the internet? As you may know, the number of smartphones in emerging markets is increasing rapidly, and sometimes the data plan is very expensive. Now, intelligent devices are already built-in with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated. The idea is to access the internet on a mesh network, the more dense is the network ecosystem, the more people can access.

People will be able to sell bandwidth and make money with it. Also, the users will access the mesh network with a token base on the ERC20 of the Ethereum network.

Beginning of the ICO: 15 February

Whitepaper: Rightmesh Whitepaper

6- Odem

The requirement to have a degree is you need to study at least 4 years at the university. The students finish with a huge debt and need to pay it back for many years. One of the concerns, the skills learned are not up to date after finishing the degree, and employers need qualified candidates right off the bat. The mission of this project is to give access to the top teachers to anyone in the world for updating their skill rapidly. People can pay for only what they need, and everything will be verifiable and recorded on the blockchain.

Access education from great teachers, and save money instead of studying 4 years!

Beginning of the ICO: 17 February

Whitepaper: Odem Whitepaper


7 – Coinmetro

This is a platform that will offer many services thought fiat and crypto world. You will be able to buy the top 10 cryptos in the market cap on the website. Also, the company will offer a debit card where you can withdraw your money on any part of the world. The platform will give access to the mainstream population without the need to understand the blockchain technology. The user experience will be as easy as using your browser.

Beginning of the ICO: 21 February

Whitepaper: Coinmetro Whitepaper

8 – Well

The mission is to give anyone the possibility to consult a doctor without any constraints or border. Also, be able to pay for a consultation with crypto without the hurdle of the fiat money system. The company will offer monitoring services for remote patients, without the need of expensive travel cost and expense.

Beginning of the ICO: 25 February

Whitepaper: Well platform

Last word on the top ICOs February 2018

It is really hard to discover the ones that will be the next Google; everyone wants to revolutionize the world with the latest blockchain idea.

Many of those projects will become great companies in the near future and provide services that people will use on the daily basis.

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