Top 5 Bitcoin Wallets to Consider for your Daily Usage


Bitcoin is a great invention, that gives the responsibility to the users to store their precious digital gold in a wallet. You need to see your wallet like your personal bank account from where you can send and receive your money.

The most important features you need to look for are the ability to make a backup and a good security feature. I will talk only about ones you have control over your private key. Don't trust anybody to control your cryptocurrency money for you; you can lose everything you have worked so hard for.

Top 1: Mycelium (Android Phone and iPhone)

This is the wallet I personally use, its first wallet I get introduced from my local bitcoin embassy. You can backup your seed with 12 passwords in case you get your device broken or stolen. You can also set a personal pin to give another layer of protection when you log on the device. This one has a good reputation in the bitcoin ecosystem, so for any newcomers, it's the one you should consider using.

Pros: This wallet provides good features and security build in. You can set a pin code to add another security layer. You can backup your seed in case you get your phone stolen or broken.

Cons: You cannot set the fee manually, the software set it for you from low to high priority. With the bottleneck in the bitcoin transaction validation, the fee cost more.

Top 2: Electrum (Desktop Wallet)

This is a desktop wallet that you should think about, have many features in place for the beginner to the most advanced. I got introduced to this wallet to open my seed from my Android wallet. The interface has many features in place like to opening your seed and encryption of your private keys to recover your fund from a secret sentence. I invite you to check their website to have the full details of what this web wallet has to offer.

Pros: You can import your seed from another wallet, I opened my seed from my Mycelium wallet. Also, you can adjust the fee that you want to pay to the miners on your transaction. You have so many options available, so from the beginner to the expert, this is a good desktop wallet.

Cons: You need to make sure your computer have the latest security installed. Moreover, you need to have an antivirus, antimalware etc…

Top 3: Ledger Nano S (Cold Wallet)

I bought this cold wallet myself and this is a nice piece of technology. The device is beautiful looking and very well designed, I am very happy with my purchase. You can check my experience with this device on this page from my blog.

Pros: The device store your Bitcoin and Ethereum offline, it is very easy to transfer your cryptocurrencies and to configure.

Cons: It’s not the cheaper one on the market, the cost for this device is 58 Euro.

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins


Top 4: Trezor (Cold Wallet)

I read good reviews on this device, it has a good reputation among the bitcoin community. You can activate a 2-factor authentication with the technology FIDO/UDF to add another security layer. Also, you can restore your keys and data in case your device is stolen or broken; this is an important feature. You can store Altcoin like Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, and Zcash on the device.

Pros: You can store many cryptocurrencies on the same offline device. It is easy to transfer your cryptocurrencies and to configure. You want to secure your precious cryptocurrencies, this is a good device you can think about to buy.

Cons: This device is not so cheap, the price is 99 USD.

Top 5: Jaxx Multi-Platform Device

The philosophy of this wallet is you can access many cryptocurrencies under the same wallet. I have the Android version installed, and I see I can manage BTC, ETH, DAO, DASH, ETC, REP, LTC, ZEC, and RSK. As you can see, that is a lot of cryptocurrencies supported in the same place. You have full control over your funds and control the private keys, and the information is not transmitted over the network. You can install this wallet on Android, iOS, OS X, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, and Linux, so I'm pretty sure you will have the operating system of your choice.

Pros: The wallet supports the most popular digital assets on the market and you have a lot of control. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Also, support the most popular operating system on the market.

Cons: The software is slow to load on Android OS.


You need to take your security seriously, and you need to find a wallet where you are in control of the private keys. Much more exist out there, but you need to have a starting point to choose the best for your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask a question in the section bellow, my dear followers.

Don’t hesitate to ask a question in the section bellow, my dear followers.

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