Top 3 Anonymous Coins for an Awesome Return

top 3 anonymous coinsTop 3 anonymous coins introduction

Top 3 anonymous coins are something you should be aware for 2018. As you may know, everyone wants to know the latest hot crypto or project to pour money on it. The expectation is to see a great return on the initial investment and maybe be able to afford a nice travel for next year.

Recently John McAfee, the controversial influencer in the crypto space, mention one of the good trends where to invest some money.

I invite you to check the tweet he made recently: Tweet John McAfee

Why the rising of anonymous coins?

Countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe have corrupted governments that screw up their entire economy, the people lost faith in their national currency. Also, public ledgers like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can monitor every transaction openly and you are not fully anonymous as people might think.

Now, many projects focus on the objective of providing this feature on their coin. With this technology, it is not possible to monitor the balance of an account, where the transaction is sent, and the identity of the person who owns the account.

People are tired that Big Brother tracks everything and implements exaggerate tax, and in return does not really help you when you need them. The same thing applies to the banks; when you have money they are there for you, but when do not have anything, they spit in your face. I would like seeing the banks disappear from the system, I do not have them in my heart personally!

The real value of this investment

The real value why those coins will increase in 2018 and beyond are the following:

  1. Big Brother cannot associate the coins with your identity.
  2. Nobody can see the amount of fund you have on your public address on the blockchain.
  3. When you send a transaction, it is impossible to track where you spend your coins.
  4. The right to have your privacy and have control of your asset.
  5. A great investment that should increase during the mainstream phase.

1 – Top 3 anonymous coins – Monero (XMR)

This crypto is the most popular on the anonymous coins and the price increased continually throughout the year 2017. The characteristics of this coin are the following:

  1. Every transaction is confirmed by consensus on a decentralized network, you don’t need to trust a third party.
  2. You cannot track any transactions or see the amount on any Monero address.
  3. This crypto is untraceable and completely private.

You can watch this short video to know how it works:

Video: Monero Promo Video

Website: Monero

I already talk about Monero in a previous article: Top 5 best cryptocurrency for December 2017

2 – Top 3 anonymous coins – Verge (XVG)

Another great coin, already designed for mass adoption, that has a huge potential of rising 2018. You can make a transaction in less than five seconds privately and you have the following characteristics build in:

  1. The coin is concentrated with anonymity and privacy in mind.
  2. Great support from the community.
  3. You can be sure to have your transaction confirmed in less than five seconds with the technology of Verge.
  4. Already ready for mass adoption.
  5. You can look at the open-source code and the coin is decentralized.

Video: Verge Promo Video

Website: Verge Currency

3 – Top 3 anonymous coins – Zcash (ZEC)

Another anonymous coin that aims privacy in mind. The characteristics are the following:

  1. You are fully shielded, so nobody can see the sender, the receiver and the amount of money you have.
  2. A fully decentralized and open-source code with the main focus on privacy.
  3. You can see this coin as the internet of money, like the protocol https.

Website: Zcash

Last word

It is a good idea to include an anonymous coin into your crypto portfolio or buying goodies and have your privacy fully shielded. Privacy is a fundamental privilege and everyone has the right to access it without being judged.

What do you think about anonymous coins?

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