Top 20 Crypto Tips for Investing and be Smarter with your Decisions

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Top 20 crypto tips are something that hopefully will help you to make better decisions in your investor journey. The market is growing rapidly and many people are expecting to come into this awesome space in 2018.

It is always good to have some wisdom and knowledge before blindly jumping into it. I have this philosophy: you can learn from the experience of other people mind that proceed before you.

Top 20 crypto tips lists

List 1 – 10

1 – We are in the early stage of the crypto revolution, you need to be aware that 90% of those projects will fail.

2 – Never regret anything that could happen to your trade position, some days it will go well and others will be a nightmare.

3 – Do not pay attention to headlines that mention the crypto market is a bubble, most of the time it is FUD and fake news.

4 – Your inaction can save you money or make a killing.

5 – Always have spare cash available for an awesome opportunity.

6 – Do not put your family at risk or borrow money for investing, only invest money you can afford and that can disappear spontaneously.

7 – When you can clearly see that the trade volume and market cap are low, run away to find a better investment.

8 – The crypto market is never sleeping, even if you miss an opportunity, 1000 others will be available for you on a plate.

9 – If you do not control your private key, you are not the owner of the coin. Please do not leave coins in any exchanges; like you do with your bank account.

10 – Do not follow cult-like pump and dump groups, in the end, you are the one that will lose his panties!

List 11-20

11 – Even if you follow your guts after reading a hot news, the market is often irrational and it is possible that it will not go as expected or predicted.

12 – Do not follow blindly other people charts, the best indicators at your disposal are the action price and volume of transaction.

13 – Please do not follow or buy from projects that promise returns on investment too good to be true, most of the time they are Ponzi Scheme!

14 – Never follow blindly the prediction of complete strangers on social networks, always do your own research.

15 – Always apply the angel investor approach that you can lose 100% of your investment, and try to be ahead of the general public when buying your position.

16 – A great investor performs well in any market; bearish or bullish.

17 – Most of the crypto gurus out there think they can predict the price,  just be cautious not to follow them blindly.

18 – Stick with what works for you, and do not change your investment strategy.

19 – The crypto market does not apply to other markets, always change your mind when you switch.

20 – You need to understand the coin before pouring money into it.

Last work on top 20 crypto tips

Apply wisdom in your crypto journey, it is an exciting market to be part off. When you have simple rules to follow, you have a better chance to succeed.

I invite you to another article I wrote on that subject: 20 Wisdom Advice for an Altcoins Crypto Trader.

What are the crypto tips you use?

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