Top 15 Ethereum Tokens – The ultimate strategy to time the market

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Top 15 Ethereum tokens Introduction

Top 15 Ethereum tokens came to my mind when I was looking for an article to write. One of the things that are hard to find is the golden nugget where to put your money. Most of the time you need to have some luck or win the lottery ticket. You need to read a lot, analyze the market and at the end, you can be even more confused than when you started.

When the market is bullish and all the coins increase at fastest speed, if you have only one or two coins you can miss the boat. So why not create your own crypto ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) where you can time the market instead of trying to guess it with your crystal ball.

Top 15 Ethereum Strategy

This method is a not something you can plan in only five minutes. You need to know where the coins are before implementing your own ETF.  An ETF is a process of buying, for example, many cryptos of one specific use case. You can create a basket of privacy coins and buy: Monero, Verge, and Zcash.

For the purpose of this article, I decided to focus on the top 15 Ethereum tokens, so I needed to buy the top 15 on the list. The concept is very easy to understand, but you need some work to be able to put this system in place.

Where to find the top 15 Ethereum coins to invest?

The first step is to click the link below and identified the top 15 coins on the platform Ethereum. The vast majority are on the Ethereum ecosystem, you have other platforms like NEO, Qtum, Omni, and NXT. What I suggest is to write down on a sheet of paper the one you have selected to avoid checking many times the website.

Ethereum Tokens


Where to buy the top 15 Ethereum tokens?

The majority of the top 15 Ethereum tokens reside on two popular exchanges. Those exchanges are Bittrex and Binance where they specialize to list many coins under their belt. This is good for any traders to have a lot of choice and diversity on the trading pair available.

What I suggest, you could buy the same amount of each coin, for example, put 100$ on each coin.

Security advice

  1. Do not leave your coins on the trading exchanges because you have the risk to lose your coins from a hack.
  2. Do not lose your phone, you will not be able to access the site anymore because of the 2-factor authentication.

When you manage your own fund, you need to always take some precautions. You need to take the time to transfer your money to your own offline wallet. Always remember, you need to be in control of the private key and never rely on the trading exchange to hold your funds for you.

The philosophy of the top 15 Ethereum tokens

Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict the market. This space is often irrational, even scrutinizing it with the technical and fundamental analysis, you can be wrong.

Instead, you can buy specific coins that you leave in your wallet and forget about it. In this case, do not check all the time and worry about your investment.

This is the best option for the majority of people, many are busy working, spending time with the family and do other essential of the daily life.

What is great, you can replicate this strategy with any coins or list that you are interested in. Your imagination will bring you an idea and you should find an innovative list that will bring you wealth and happiness into your life.

Last word

Before rushing and buying every coin recommended, you need to take the time to have a strategy in place. You need to understand why you buy them and for how long. It is the same thing when you plan a trip or decide to purchase a home.

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What do you think about the top 15 Ethereum coins?

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