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Sportsbet is an online platform that specializes on betting with Bitcoin cryptocurrency on any sports you already enjoy. This is the interface to register on the website, you only need to confirm that you are over 18 years old, read the disclaimer, provide a username, email and a good password for your security.

I suggest you choose a different password for every new website your register, security is an important topic. The process to create an account took me only less than 30 seconds to complete.

Bet on sports

As you can see, the website support the most popular sports in the world. You can bet on Basketball, Soccer, Hockey and much more. You have the possibilities to bet on almost any games unimaginable, that is a wonderful feature. I am pretty confident that you can find the sport where you are a huge fan, so you can bet on your favorite team. Under the “Sports” section, you can browse all the upcoming events, so you can plan ahead and study the stats to predict your gain.

What is great, if you want to bet right now and don't like to wait patiently for the upcoming events,  you can try the “Live Betting” section. This section shows the events happening right now. You can watch the game live on TV with a nice beer and chips and watch closely your bet. I am pretty sure you'll feel adrenaline flow into your blood and sweat on your forehead with this section.

This is an example of the bets you can make on the platform. The sport is Tennis and you can make the bet accordingly to the force of each player and make a profit if you predict the right outcome. If you are someone with deep knowledge of the sport you're following, I think you can make money with your knowledge. You can make a good prediction on who have the more chance to win but don't forget you can also lose, in the sports world everything can happen.

One of the coolest features for me is that you can bet on people playing videos games, Wow. As you can see on the following picture you can bet on Counter-Strike (CS-GO), League of Legends (LoL) and StarCraft. I imagine you looking the live event watching those players shout trying to crush the enemy and win your bet. Those are not the video games I played 30 years ago on my NES and SuperNes console. From the experience and reputation of the players, you can make some cash for the pleasure to be a fan of gaming.

You also have the possibilities to create the bet the way you want under the section “Player Props”. Some players want to have more control instead of betting on the one proposed by the system. This is good for the players who have a deep knowledge of a particular sport.

Casino experience

This platform specializes on betting on almost every sport and e-Sport you can imagine. But, some other players love to bet on traditional games you can find on any casino like blackjack, video slots, and many others. As soon as you are going to click on the section “Casino”, you are going to have 18 games on the main screen, this is a small portion of the games available on this site.

I am pretty confident that you are telling yourself: hey I need to look this website. You have words that resonate behind your hear; I can bet on my favorite teams, also I can play my favorite casino game. This is an awesome mix of pleasure that you enjoy with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency 24 jours a day, in any part of the world, even on your small private island.

You can see that I tried the Paddy's Pub slot machine, I have in my hands a glass of Baileys and I click on the button to bet. An interesting option, you can try the practice mode instead of play immediately with real money. That gives you the chance to know if you really like the game or not. You also have the auto bet option if you want to do something else while making your money grow. Furthermore, you play the game directly in your browser, you just need to wait patiently for the game to load.

Do you sometimes feel like a cowboy with a good whiskey in your hand? The game Gunslinger will provide you this feeling. The sound of the game is great and the gameplay is pretty cool. I tried the game in practice mode, to have a feeling of it, every slots machine game provide this option.

Instead of playing only with a game, you have the opportunity to play with a real person. I think this is a great feature if you want to feel like you are in a real casino. You have a real person happy to serve you and increase your game experience. They call the feature “live dealer”, the person is there in real time and it is not recorded in advance, you should definitively try this feature.


Sportbet is the place to be if you want to bet with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You have the possibility to bet on your favorite sports and predict the outcome or simply have the casino experience in the comfort of your home. The platform offers many games and options for every taste, so I am pretty confident that you are going to have fun for many hours as soon as you try your first bet. I recommend you to create an account and try the practice mode first and if you really enjoys it, you can try to bet a small amount of Bitcoin. My advice, play only for the pleasure and only with money you can afford to lose.

Please click here and start your trying right now my friend, take a seat and have fun!

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