Spectiv – The Wonderful Way Blockchain and VR Work Together


I had my first experience with the VR technology two years ago during a festival. The experience was amazing; to see a video on a 360 environment, simply with a smartphone and a VR headset.

The vision of Spectiv is to create a platform where VR enthusiast around the world will share high VR quality content. The producers will get pay for the quality they provide to the platform. Moreover, Spectiv wants to implement streaming content, imagine yourself watching a live soccer game in VR!

This is a trend, and this market expects to grow exponentially in the next 5 years. Many businesses exist and one of them is Spectiv. They want to bring the blockchain with VR, this is like a bounding or a marriage! In 2020 this market is expected to reach 30 billions dollars, many things will grow around it.

The mission

Spectiv wants to create an immersive experience with the VR technology. Individuals and companies will have a platform to share VR materials with the world.

The Spectiv content will come from 3 sources:

  • Individual VR enthusiasts.
  • Live stream events like concert, sports, and pay per view.
  • Original material from Spectiv with the latest VR technology.


This is an amazing opportunity to invest in a startup that wants to bring something new to the table. The crowdsale will be live for 21 days and will stop if the amount is reached before the end.

The goal of the crowdsale is to sell a maximum of 90 million SIG (Spectiv tokens). The funding needed is 45,000 Ether.

The crowdsale will start on August 14, 2017, until September 4, 2017.

Some of the actors of the ecosystem

  • Viewers: This will be the most important element in this ecosystem. As you may notice, the platform will put a lot of energy to offer an exciting experience, content variety, and valuable VR materials.
  • Content contributors: Spectiv will give incentive for people to produce quality VR content. Also, the viewers will have the possibility to tip the contributors. When you offer good VR videos, people will come back and ask for more.
  • Content curators: The internet is overwhelming with information. Instead of losing many hours looking yourself, curators will do the job for you. They will do the VR content filtering worth to see. Curators will receive interest on the Spectiv platform.

The roadmap

The roadmap timeline gives details of what Spectiv what to accomplish until the second half of 2018. You can read the full details on the whitepaper page 15 and 16. I think it is good to check and evaluate before you invest money into this platform.

Also, you can see the graphic timeline on this website: https://www.spectivvr.com/#timeline

The team behind the project

On the whitepaper, 5 pages talk about the background of the team. This is an important element to know if the team has the experience to build the mission.

You can see the full team on the Spectiv website: https://www.spectivvr.com/#team

Also, you have the possibilities to consult the LinkedIn profiles of the team and the advisors. You can see the experience of each member of the initial team.

The last world

I learned a lot with the whitepaper on what the Spectiv want to bring on the market. I think VR is something that will bring new services to the market and entertainment that we do not know yet. Furthermore, what I found appealing is that you can receive money for the content you put on the platform and the users will tip if they like it.

I predict many people will find a way to live only with VR content as many already do on a platform like Youtube. I invite you to check Spectiv and read the whitepaper, this can be a good project for your crypto portfolio.

The whitepaper: https://www.spectivvr.com/#whitepaper

The Spectiv website: https://www.spectivvr.com

What do you think about this ICO opportunity?

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