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imageThe vision of SONM

What I found interesting in every industry, people bring great ideas on the table. The entrepreneurs in the blockchain space recently have many innovative propositions. And one of them is the vision of SONM and what they want to bring on the market.

The primary goal is to bring access to a world computer the decentralized way. Instead of paying for costly cloud computer power like Google or Microsoft. You can simply pay with the SNM tokens, and use it only for the time needed.

You can see it as the sharing economy for the computer power at your disposal. We see this concept in others area of our life like renting your apartment, your car or your tools. It's always great to make money when you don’t use something and provide value to someone else.


The ICO will start on June, 15 and will run for 1 month or until their financial goal is reached. The name of the app token is SNM, the exchange rate is set to 606 SNM for 1 ETH (Ethereum).

There is a benefit if your invest early, you can receive a bonus. I see it as an incentive for investors to jump on the train early and get more in return for your initial investment.


You can have the full details of the token distribution through the following link Sonm-ico-details. I also recommend you to join the newsletter to have the latest information by email.

The use cases

SONM have already identified many use cases where their solution can be applied. The value the company wants to provide are real and can benefit many potential customers. The use cases are defined in the white paper, here is the link to download them: Sonm1.pdf. This is the summary of what you can do with the SONM solution.

Furthermore, the team provides valuable information on their blog.

  • Scientific calculation: Can calculate the climate prediction, I hope the sun will be there the whole week! Another interesting application, to calculate a meteor trajectory. We need to know where to send the bomb in the case it is coming to the earth.
  • Site hosting: I find this application interesting, instead of hosting my blog on a centralized provider like Hostgator, I can use SONM to host my website and have less chance to experience a downtime. Also, I would no more be at the mercy of technical problems of my centralized hosting provider.
  • Neural networks projects: Can use the SONM technology in machine learning. This field replicate how the human brain process information. Right now, you can use it for applications like translation and data analysis.

Others are mentioned on the blog and the whitepaper, I invite you to look at it. Other use cases will exist that event the SONM team have not think off yet, the sky is the limit.

The benefits of investing on SONM

The benefits holdings the SNM tokens are:

  • The incentive bonus when you invest early into the ICO.
  • Ability to earn dividends simply holding the SNM tokens in your wallet.
  • Have a chance to invest in an innovative blockchain idea.
  • Ability to make a profit when the SNM tokens will increase in value.
  • Have access to cheaper computational power when you need it.

What are you waiting for?

After reading the whitepaper, I was very impressed with this innovative idea. I learned new technical buzzwords like fog computing and world computer, this is very stimulating for my synapses.

Fog computing, what a strange name. It means you can process data at any time and on any device at the network level. You can use your gaming device, your smartphone or your personal computer. In the case of world computer, it means that every device on the network can execute the code automatically.

You have a chance to invest in an innovative ICO that starts on June 15, 2017. You can try to invest only a small amount of money, with money you can afford to lose. Every investment has a risk, and you need to evaluate for yourself if you believe in the dream and you want to contribute financially to this ICO.

I invite you to check the SONM website


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Steven Kieffer

“The ICO will start on July, 15 and will run for 1 month”.

No…..I believe it starts next week on JUNE 15th, 2017 @ 1700 UTC.

Che Satochi

Hi Steven,

You are right, I made a mistake and modified the date.

Best Regards,

Steven Kieffer

“You have a chance to invest in an innovative ICO that start on July 15, 2017”

…BUT…you only edited one part of the story. Still have the same problem lower in the article. Plus, needs grammatical correction as well.

“You have a chance to invest in an innovative ICO that starts on June 15, 2017”

Che Satochi

I made the correction at the bottom of the page.

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