Software to help you monitoring your crypto investments!


Many people want to know how to track they crypto investments when then buy them on a trading exchange. The process of buying assets is pretty straightforward when you transfer money into any trading exchange. Of course, the most fundamental question is: how to keep track of my crypto investment?

Many solutions exist on the market, so you don’t have to worry my crypto coin lovers. In the first place, you have to choose what is best for you needs.


1- Monitoring on iPhone or Android

This app, that I am using personally, is Blockfolio, I can’t live without it. What I like the most about this app, I have access immediately to the value of my crypto investments in one snapshot.

I made a full review of this application on a previous post on my blog. I invite you to read it, to learn more about what this app has to offer:  Blockfolio review.




2- Monitoring on your desktop

2.1 – Cryptocompare

Wow, this is something I am trying at the moment, and the user interface is very convenient and easy to navigate. You can monitor your crypto portfolio with your browser on your laptop or personal computer.

The website is Cryptocompare and on the print screen, you have an idea of what the interface has to offers. A forum is included, where you can communicate with coins enthusiast like you. Another interesting feature, you can see the public portfolios of other users.


Overall, the interface is pretty well designed and is very easy to configure. I found my way in less than 10 minutes and created my own portfolio to see my crypto net value. Also, the platform offers advanced tools like risk analysis, advance chart, and accounting.

In addition, this site will give you all the tools you need to monitor your crypto investment. This site should be interesting for the newcomers as well as for the veterans, enjoy the exploration.

2.2- Cointracking

I created an account to see what this site has to offer, it offers many options for a crypto trader. First, you can export you trading history from many trading exchanges. Next, you have access to a variety of statistics for bitcoin and the assets you possess. You can calculate your tax, and you don’t need to wait at the end of the year.

However the interface is not as intuitive as Cryptocompare, this tool is more convenient for an active traders or crypto trader

As you can see below, the interface is very professional with many tools available.



3- Spreadsheet

The last option you have on your plate is the popular Excel or Google Sheets. You can create a spreadsheet with all the crypto assets you have and the price you paid.

I read somewhere it is possible to access the data remotely but it's not something I am familiar with. In fact, you need some technical skill to work with this feature. Like me and maybe the vast majority, you want something out of the box. You don't want to spend hours to find the information and set up all the macros and functions.

You need to remember the goal is to have an instant snapshot of your net worth of your crypto assets portfolio. This is not the option I recommend, but you know that you have this alternative.


Final thought

Monitoring your crypto assets is something that any person should consider if they are serious about investing in this space. Moreover, you will know how much profit you have made and the value of your portfolio.

I use Blockfolio since over 1 month and I really like this software. Furthermore, Cryptocompare is very cool, very user-friendly, have cool features and a nice interface.

However, Cointracking is not my favorite, it's not intuitive to configure and is more oriented for an active crypto trader. But you can consider it, maybe you will like it.

How do you monitor your crypto portfolio?

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