Snowflakes bring me Money to Increase my Snowball


In the beginning of 2017, I had the chance to promote Lunyr. I participate in their bounty before the gold rush of ICO.

I received some coins that were staying stable for a long period. Suddenly, last week, the price has jumped a lot and I was very happy that I hold those coins.

You can check for you own pleasure the article I wrote to promote Lunyr ICO.

The strategy

The strategy I use is the same as for another trading I made recently. Basically, with the profit I made of Lunyr, I sold some coins to reinvest in other coins.

You can check out my strategy on this post: Patience strategy and spread your coins like a snowball effect!

The trade I did

I researched and read other posts on what was worth to invest in. What I did are the following trades. I made them only with the profit I made from selling some of my Lunyr coins.

I invested in 4 coins that have a potential to increase in value in the future. I put the same amount of money in each of them, so it is easy for me to track my crypto portfolio.

You can read this nice article on how to track your crypto portfolio: Software to help you monitoring your crypto investments!

The new tokens I acquire are:

What you can learn from this

You can expand your crypto portfolio using profit made with other coins investments. But you need to be aware that you need to select great tokens backed with a real use case.

I know this is not the most exciting strategy since it will not gives you the most adrenaline. But at least my crypto portfolio is increasing steadily.

Last word

In the crypto world, you have the chance to invest in coins that have the potential to increase by x10, x25 or even x100. Can you imagine investing a small amount in a coin today and two years later see that you have made 1 million $?

This is the reality of the shifting paradigm from the centralized to the decentralized economy. It is great to have this opportunity in our lifetime!

What have you invested in recently?

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