What is a signature campaign? Maybe you can get a Lucky Charm in your Wallet

Super contributor on Bitcointalk

Wow, you have an amazing opportunity to make some Bitcoin with a method called signature campaign. The first step is to make an account on the Bitcointalk forum. After your account is created, the next step is to understand the topics and interact with the community.

You need to post and build a reputation among the users and grow up your activity. The minimal requirement is to reach the level of Jr. Member before you can apply for a signature campaign. Also, you need to make sure you understand the campaign before your join.

Signature campaign

In some campaign, you need to post regularly. The signature campaign I did, the requirement was that I needed to write 10 to 35 posts a week. Don’t forget, you need to provide good quality contents.

Basically, what is a signature campaign? It is very simple to understand, the process is that your rent your signature space. The advertiser pays you for every quality post you make into the forum. The higher your rank, the more money you will get 😉

Figure1 – An example of a signature campaign


The different level available on the Bitcointalk forum.

Brand New: 0 posts, gets 1 gold coin under his name.
Newbie: (none), gets 1 gold coin under his name.
Jr. Member: Activity: 30, gets 1 gold coin under his name.
Member: Activity: 60, gets 2 gold coins under his name.
Full Member: Activity: 120, gets 3 gold coins under his name.
Sr. Member: Activity: 240, gets 4 gold coins under his name.
Hero Member: Activity: 480, gets 5 gold coins under his name.
Legendary: Activity: the Legendary member group has no universal activity requirement.
You are guaranteed to become Legendary somewhere between 775 and 1030 activity,
but the exact point in this range at which you become Legendary is random per user.
Gets 5 gold coins under his name of which the last is half dark blue.

The benefits

I was very happy with the signature campaign I did. I received many payments for my super contribution on the forum. Normally, the payment is made every week directly to your Bitcoin wallet. You will not get rich with this method, but you get at least some Satoshi every week. The most interesting is that you are going to grow and muscle your brain.

You are asking yourself, What is he talking about? The answer is you need to write and interact with people. The more you write, the more knowledge your get.

The best part is the Bitcoin you receive today can get more value later. So, my suggestion is not to spend it right away, but keep it in a safe place where you have always control over your private key.


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Are you going to try this a signature campaign or did you already?

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