Rollin Casino – The experience to roll High or Low and have fun

Your first step

The first thing I found appealing in Rollin Casino is the natural process of creating an account. I only entered my username, and automatically an excellent tutorial explains me in five key points the essential I needed to start my journey. Then you need to implement your password to secure your account.

The site takes the security seriously, in the Chatter Box I saw a warning about phishing links. Furthermore, you have the option to increase your piece of mind with the two-factor authentication; you will have two passwords set up for logging into the site.

The dice game features

When you are broke, and you desperately want to bet, you can claim free Bitcoin with the yellow button. You need to resolve a captcha and start trying the dice game. The minimum you need to have for using the faucet is an amount below 0.0001. I think it is a fantastic option before depositing real Bitcoin into your account. What is great with the faucet, you can increase your rank, and your claim amount will grow on the faucet.

The only cryptocurrency you can bet is Bitcoin. You can play anonymously without needing to provide an email or your personal information. Your husband or your wife will not see that you had played with your credit card.

The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. You don't need to read a 10 pages document to understand how to play the dice game. I bet the minimum to feel the gameplay on the platform; I clicked on the button roll high, and I won my bet. The sound in the game are not aggressive to hear, on the contrary, they are just perfect for the game experience.

The feature I found absorbing is the possibility of using a robot to bet automatically for you. Sometimes you can be tired of pressing rolling high or low; you can use the Chatter Box, and the robot makes money for you without your intervention. You can program the Robot Roll to predict your game style, and hopefully, you are going to win. You can see there are enough options available for your taste.

Another interesting feature is the My Stats button. You can see at which level you are, how much profit you have made and the numbers of losses and wins. You can see that on the 674 game I played, I won 336 times; the chance of winning are very fair. The site has the Probably Fair option in place; you can verify the fairness of the game with the client and server seed hash.

Do you have friends of family members who love gambling for pleasure? You can make money with the affiliate program provided to promote the dice game. The program offers 15% of every win or loss from the amount wagered by the people you have referred to the site.

An exciting promotion provided by this casino: every week you have a chance of winning the giveaway of 1000 mB, so probably the next one is for you.


This game is for you if you like gambling on dice game and your anonymity is important to you. Also, you have a fair chance to win, but never forget to play with money you can afford to lose.

You can start to have fun right away; click on “PLAY NOW” on the banner below, create an account and roll the dice.



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