August 14, 2017



This is a resources page where you can find reliable information and services.

As you may know, the crypto space is increasing at the speed of light and you need to know where to go or be guided.

The information is presented in categories.

Cold wallet resources

This is how to secure your crypto assets offline and be in control of your private keys. Those resources are really important if you plan to invest and store your cryptocurrencies.

My review of this product: Ledger Nano S – What an Amazing Bitcoin and Ethereum Cold Wallet


Crypto information sites resources

Sites where you can get the latest crypto information and stay up to date. The resources I use myself to get the latest stories of the crypto space.


Monitoring crypto software and websites resources

If you are buying bitcoin and altcoins, you need to monitor the value of your crypto portfolio. You can use one of those resources to get an instant view of your portfolio.




Crypto learning resources

Education is important, this is the process to expand your knowledge, and to increase your confidence. This is a course I took myself.

  • Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2017: Fund your Retirement

You can check my review I did on this product: Cryptocurrency Trading – The Course to Increase your Investing IQ

  •  Cryptocurrency Long-term Investment

  • Cryptocurrency Investment Course A step-by-step guide

You can check my review I did on this product: Cryptocurrency Investment Course – a step-by-step Guide Review

 Trading exchanges resources

Trading exchanges are a big part of the crypto ecosystem and this is the place where you can buy and sell cryptoassets.

  • Binance Trading Exchange

My review of this trading exchange: Binance Crypto Exchange Review


I will update this page often with the links that I find important to share with the crypto community. Furthermore, it is cool to have all the information you need rapidly and in one place.



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