Raiblocks Mrai – The Latest Trading Methods for your Hard Work


The world of Raiblocks changes so fast and is very dynamic; my last post became obsolete in less than a week. The exchange of Cryptopia close the trading to this cryptocurrency, so this is the reason for an update on my blog. Each day the price of Mrai increase, the price has reached an average of 1,000 Satoshi for each Mrai.

I saw a lot of traffic coming from Indonesia lately to my blog. This traffic came from an article I did about Mrai, I was very surprised about the interest from this country. This gave me the idea to write about the latest trading trend and convert your Mrai to BTC.

Get Mrai with your phone

A website offers a faucet option, you can try it here. I tried for the first time this faucet on my phone for a test purpose. In the beginning, it is hard, but if you have a good screen, you should be fine and you'll get better with practice. What I did is to send my XRB address through my email, and then copy the link from it and enter the faucet information into my smartphone. I think this one is good if you are doing it on your lunchtime or waiting for the bus.

Get Mrai with your computer

This is the easiest one and I recommend you to get your Mrai this way. You access the faucet here. You need to put your XRB address and then start working resolving captcha. You should resolve much more captcha than on your mobile interface.

Trading on Telegram

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Telegram seems very popular since many projects offer this channel of communication. The advantage of using it: you can speak almost instantly with people involved in the project. The first thing is to install the software from the Telegram website. You need to choose the platform you use the most. The next step is to configure the software; the process is very straightforward and easy to understand.

The most important step is to access the RaiBlocksTrade channel on the platform here.

You are now ready to buy or sell your Mrai on this channel. Don't forget to always do transaction by an escrow website service provider. When you have more than 500 Mrai to sell, one popular escrow service among the channel is Bitrated. You need to be aware that you'll have extra fees included in your transaction to use an escrow.

Trading on Mercatox

You can access Mercatox exchange and create an account to trade the Mrai under the code XRB. I heard on Telegram and Bitcointalk trading thread that this exchange is not well suited to trade XRB. I haven’t tried this exchange myself, but you can try it with a small amount and get the feeling of the performance of the trade.

As you may know, this is the only trading exchange listed on the Raiblockscommunity website at the moment. The trading platform seems to change often and this cryptocurrency will become more popular over time. You need to be aware, this exchange can stop trade Mrai like the exchange Cryptopia did.

Trading on the Bitcointalk forum

You can always continue to trade on Bitcointalk, the discussion is very dynamic. You can see sellers propose a price and seller interact with the buyers.


The world of Mrai is very dynamic, I saw the exchange Cryptopia disappear in less than a week. I saw the trade price at 300 Satoshi for each Mrai, and now it is over 1,000 Satoshi for 1 Mai. The best way to stay current with the situation is to read the Bitcointalk forum and talk on Telegram Channel.

Personally, I really like this cryptocurrency with the concept of human proof of work. I invite you to read my two other posts about this topic to learn more about it.



What do you think about trading Mrai from your hard work resolving captcha?

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