RaiBlocks the revolution – Proof of human work to solve captcha

RaiBlocks the revolution

I came in touch for the first time with RaiBlocks this week. This cryptocurrency is different if you compare it with Bitcoin. The first thing that you must know is the cost involved in mining bitcoin. You need to spend a lot on electricity and materials. With RaiBlocks you don't need to spend money in order to acquire it. What is special about this one, it uses the concept of proof of human work. You need to solve a captcha in order to generate this cryptocurrency.

The first thing you need to do is to install the wallet from the following website RaiBlocksCommunity. The wallet is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS, no client seems available for Android or iPhone at the moment. The installation is pretty straightforward, simply follow the instructions on your screen.

The reason why I got investigated in RaiBlocks, and that I got more curious about it? I saw many people looking for workers to sell Mrai in exchange of BTC on Bitcointalk forum, and many people work for those guys. I saw a trend that some people believe in it and tried to probably speculate on the price. Personally, it is so easy to get it on your own and I don't recommend to sell it for money. You need to look for the long term, this currency will be harder to get and the price will raise.

 Mining RaiBlocks cryptocurrency

In order to start mining and get some fresh Mrai. You need to copy the public address from your wallet. You click on the button copy and paste the public address in the following faucet. I have made 100 Mrai; my fingers are burning trying solving Captcha, you can see it like a good workout. The real truth is that it is easy to resolve the Captcha but it is boring to do so for a long period of time. I think it is great to mine when you have free time; have fun doing it.

No trading exchange have this cryptocurrency in place. But, the community wants this feature to be in place in order to trade it. The only option available if you want to acquire a good quantity in bitcoin without working for it, you need to check the following thread on Bitcointalk. You can go on the last page to see the most current posting on the conversation. The price is around 380 to 400 satoshi for 1 Mrai, so you can see this cryptocurrency have some value, some people are ready to pay for it.

I don't know the future of RaiBlocks, but we see movement about it. I predict that in a near future, the currency will be available on some trading exchanges. Also, this cryptocurrency gives the opportunity to workers to make some money with it without needing to have a specific skill to solve the Captcha. Furthermore, you have the chance to mine it yourself in comparison with bitcoin where you need to make a huge investment in costly mining equipment.

I will start to make some Mrai for myself, and keep them on my RaiBlocks wallet. Also, I wait patiently to have the option to a have RaiBlocks smartphone wallet for my phone.

I'm curious to know what you think about it, post on the comment below.

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Nathalie Smith

Seems like a cool cryptocurrency, i’m going to try to mine it by my self xd

Che Satochi

I’m doing it only on my spare time.


How do I sync my wallet.?

Che Satochi

When you start the RaiBlocks Wallet, the application will synchronize with the blockchain. You should see your CPU working hard, in the application you can monitor the remaining blocks.

Rb Gozun

is this still working? please email me if you read this thanks!

Che Satochi

The project still working, I just try it couple minutes ago and claim on the faucet.

I updated the faucet link on the article.

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