You want to be a publisher in the world of cryptocurrency? You have many choices!

You want to be a publisher and make money from your content on the internet? You have this possibility in the world of cryptocurrency, many advertising networks exist related to this niche.

When you start your project, you will be faced with the same requirement that I am faced with my blog right now. They have requisites: they normally want an established site with a specific rank on Alexa and a lot of traffic.

As you may be aware of, one of the hardest thing for any site or online business is to have a constant traffic flow. This is an ongoing process and you need to continually make marketing on social media or publish ads on paid network like Google.

As soon as you have good content and your site is popular, you can start thinking to put some advertisement on it to generate some income. I am sharing with you some advertising networks that I found in the cryptocurrency world.

I am using the first one on the list, following a recommendation on the forum BitcoinTalk and I got paid a few times already.

Anonymous Ads: I recommend this ad site since I use it myself. So far, I receive 0.0013 BTC. The advantage with this site: it creates ads automatically in function of the format you choose (size and location) and you can put it immediately into your website. In 2-3 minutes, you are ready to start earning passive income from your visitors.

CoinAdvert: This is an advertisement network that you put on your website. People can bid if they are interested in promoting their product or website via your website. You can authorize people to put ads anywhere you choose on your site. The strategy is that your rent space for advertisers.

Mellow Ads: I am too low on Alexa ranking to be a publisher with this one, it will eventually come with time and effort. What I enjoy with Mellow Ads is that you can receive free credits every 24 hours with the faucet on the site. I am using this faucet daily to receive credits in order to exchange them for advertisements. The goal is to generate traffic on my blog. To be approved as a publisher you need to be at least 200 000 on Alexa ranking.

Much more exist out there, and this is a post that I will update in the future. I will test them when my blog gets more traffic, and I can become a publisher with those advertisement networks.

Don't hesitate to comment if you have a question.

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