Patience strategy and spread your coins like a snowball effect!


Sometimes, people do not know how to invest their money and to find new opportunities. You need to start somewhere before you can see results and watch your portfolio grow.

When I started my journey 1 year ago, I was happy to see my first dollar appear into my Bitcoin wallet. I got this money with programs watching videos and received free BTC in return. This was my learning curve.

With times, I saw this was a waste of time, and discovered other methods that used my skills. It is the snowball effect, to grow and attract more money over time.

The strategy

This investment strategy takes time. You need to spot opportunities and make moves like during a chess game. On the crypto world, many assets and cryptocurrencies with real use cases appear, and the token value has the chance to hit the moon.

You should know that it is recommended to buy low and wait for the price to rise. You will make the most money from any type of investment this way.

How does this method work?

  1. Basically, you invest in one crypto asset and wait for the crypto price to rise to a certain amount. Maybe weeks or months will have past since you have invested on this cryptocurrency before you make your move.
  2. The price has reached a good amount and it is time to spread your gain on other coins. You sell only a portion of your assets and invest the rest in others coins you have identified.
  3. Then wait again and repeat the process.

Real world experience with this method

At the beginning of this year, I bought some positions into the cryptocurrency Litecoin. The timing was good, I got it a decent price; before the Segwit implementation.

The price has risen since then, now I can invest in other coins without using my hard earned money. The money comes from the profit made from my original investment, I sell only a portion of my profit and keep the rest in Litcoin.

As you may know, I have already spotted two coins where I want to invest.

  • IOTA: The coins for the internet of things.
  • EOS: The Ethereum killer.

I plan to buy the same amount of both with my Litecoin profit.

Advantages of this methods

  • Get exposed to others coins that have the potential to grow without taking any of your hard earned money.
  • Have less risk on the market because you get exposed to more coins.
  • Potential to build a great crypto portfolio in the long term.

Last word

You need to be aware of this method, but it can take some time to implement and see the results. The most fundamental advice I can give you is to develop your patience and hold your assets and never panic about the market volatility.

I am pretty confident that I can repeat this process in the future. Also, before starting this strategy, you need to read a lot, understand the market, seize the opportunity and check what is worth to invest.

Did you already try this method?

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