Generate Passive Income with Crypto Assets Without Effort


Normally you need to trade your time to receive money in return. This is the most popular way people are making money on this planet.

Do you know what is the problem with this method in the civilized world? Your most precious asset is sacrificed -> your time! To make thing even worst, when you receive your paycheck, a big chunk is gone to governments payments and corporate benefits.


This crypto asset has great potential to grow in the coming years. We call it the Ethereum of China and lately its price has declined since China has ban ICOs and trading exchanges. The beauty of this one is you when you buy NEO coins on a wallet you start collecting GAS immediately without any effort on your part. The GAS asset has a real monetary value and can be traded on any trading exchange. Recently the Ledger Nano S had decided to support it so you will have the piece of mind to collect it once in a while.


Another one that has the potential to get you a small return without doing nothing. As you may know, TENX found a way for you to spend your crypto assets in the real world. The company provides a credit card where you can transfer Bitcoin or others crypto. Then, you can spend them at any store where they accept the credit card.

A video of someone making a transaction at Mcdonald’s.

The best of TENX, if you invest in the token, the company will give you back 0.5% in Ethereum.


You want to get compensated to offer essential services and get some money in return? I wrote a nice article on the subject of masternodes that I invite you to read:

Masternode – Your Residual Income Machine in the Cryptocurrency World

Want I would like to see

I would like to see more projects like NEO where you can make money from day 1 easily. Also, you have many coins with the proof of stake where you receive coins when you leave money in the wallet. Most of them require a learning curve to set up and sometimes you need to install the wallet and download the entire blockchain!

The average person wants an easy way to make a profit without crypto technical skills.

Last word

We are just at the beginning of seeing more coins like NEO. Furthermore, some projects will offer dividends to the tokens holders when the profit will be made, I will cover this subject in a future post.

Now I recommend that you start your day by investing in NEO and start collecting GAS right away. Also, you could buy TENX coins and receive 0.5% in Ethereum without doing nothing.

What do you think about passive income in the crypto world?

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