Orocrypt – An Exciting Way to Have Gold in your Portfolio

orocryptThe Orocrypt mission

The Orocrypt mission is to record the gold asset on the Ethereum blockchain. As you may know, this technology is transparent and immune to fraud. Everybody can monitor an Ethereum smart contract on the network.

This startup finds an innovative use case for investors to record, trade and buy gold.


The ICO starts on June 14 and the number of tokens available to purchase is only 1 112 000 shares. You can only buy full shares at 9 euro each.

Each token represents 1 vote into the company. An important fact to know, with those tokens you don’t own equity. You can have the complete details of the ICO campaign by following this link: ico_details

I recommend you take the time to read those documents before making your decision:

Why is it good a solution?

Do you know human kind use gold for over 6000 years in human history? Even the central banks use it for his store of value,  to stay solvent in the case the national fiat currency crash.

In the present case, you don’t need to hold or store your precious metal under your bed. You can sleep well during the night since you will know that your gold is safe in a protected vault.

One the greatest feature is the storing on an Ethereum smart contract. The company is transparent for gold investors with this blockchain technology. You have the possibilities to check and verified every transaction recorded.

A good way to possess gold

To have gold in your portfolio is a great way to protect your assets against the inflation. Today, with the fiat economy, government of the world print more money and you lose purchasing power every year. I am pretty sure that you receive pennies from your high-interest rate saving account.

Orocrypt offers you to store your valuable gold with the OROC tokens. Furthermore, you have a chance to see the tokens increase in value, and be tradable on trading exchanges.

Now, the choice is in your hand

I read the prospectus and the white paper before writing this post. What I really like is the concept of storing an asset like gold on the blockchain. This is the beginning of many others solutions that will appear on the market.

Moreover,  I learn that every year 4 000 ton of gold enter the market. This is your chance to hold gold on your crypto portfolio. When I visit a museum, I am fascinated by the gold jewelry made by the ancient civilization. Can you imagine that every gold mined on Earth can be recycled and use for other things?

My final word

Before investing, you need to evaluate the possibilities and your budget. In the prospectus, you have a section that elaborates on the risk factors. Always do your due diligence and ask yourself if you will panic, or not if you lose this money.

If you believe what this company has to offer, you can invest a small portion of your money to get expose to the gold market in your crypto portfolio.

You have the chance to invest at the Orocrypt website with BTC, Ether and wire transfer.

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investing in gold does seem a like a good idea only thing is where can you go in order to trade it for money ?

Che Satochi

You have the opportunity to invest in the ICO with Ether and BTC cryptocurrencies through the website. Also, you can trade for money when you possess the tokens through a trading exchange.

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