NEO Crypto and The Rising of the China Blockchain Empire

Neo cryptoNeo crypto introduction

Neo crypto is something that takes value rapidly and everyone wants a part of the cake. We feel the hype from the community and the market fever!

Do you remember the mystic personage Neo from the movie Matrix? I think the team has made a terrific marketing job by renaming it from Antshare to Neo. When you invoke the movie and the blockchain technology, it is a good match, we can compare it to a good romance.

What is Neo?

Neo crypto is the Chinese Ethereum that will shake the territory of China. You have to think that Neo is similar to Ethereum but his niche targets the Chinese market.

The Neo crypto provides the following services:

  • Digital assets.
  • Digital identity.
  • Smart contracts.
  • Decentralized applications.
  • Quantum resistant.
  • etc…

I invite you to check the Neo Whitepaper.

My own experience

I heard about the Neo crypto just recently and I decided to get some position. I am transparent, I experienced a bug when I transferred from the trading exchange Bittrex to the PC Neo wallet. This was when the company did the transition to rename the coin from Antshare to Neo.

I was not able to see my coins into my PC Neo wallet. After struggling, searching, sweating and writing on Bitcointalk and Reddit social media I finally see my coins. The point I want to emphasize, when something new appears in the crypto world, you need to be prepared to face this kind of disagreement.

Right now, no cold hardware wallet support this token, but that should come in a near future. In the meantime, you should save it on an external device and stay in control of your private key.

An awesome feature

Do you want to discover this mysterious feature? This feature is called Neo Gas, it is like a dividend in the stock market, and this creates a passive stream of income.

You only need to leave your coins in the Neo PC wallet and you will start collecting gas on every block. This is like receiving money without working for it.

So, every day you wake up a little much richer! I have a lot of gratitude toward the Neo crypto to have implemented this outstanding feature.

You can calculate the Neo gas on this site: Neo Gas

The future

I do not have a crystal ball but I think many businesses will use this platform and increase the value of the Neo crypto. Soon, we are going to see some real applications and use cases. Then the confidence should rise and more developers will use and create great decentralized applications.

The last word

You have a chance to get your hands on some Neo crypto and maybe plan your retirement with it. At least, you can get exposed to it, and profit from the price boost and get some Neo gas as a dividend by holding the tokens.

The crypto space transforms the economy and creates opportunities to invest in great innovations. And you know what is the best? Even the unbanked can now be part of this global economy the blockchain provide.

Do you plan to invest in Neo crypto?

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