My Vision for Bitcoin and Crypto to go Mainstream


We live in a beautiful moment in the human history. We are lucky to have crypto as a form of payment and doing things the decentralized way. So many developers are working hard 24 hours a day on this shifting paradigm for a better world.

This week I tried to explain to two of my friends that it is a good opportunity to invest some money in Bitcoin. I saw a lot of interrogation and confusion on their face about this technology. I told them to start to read about it and try to understand the concept.

After that, I would assist them if they want to invest in it. I know we cannot force someone and we need to respect that. As I human being I think it is important to spread the word and offer this opportunity to the people around us.

What we need to do

I think we need, as a community, to spread the word to everyone on the planet about this awesome technology. The things that comes to my mind are:

  • Help people to buy their first bitcoin and how to secure it properly.
  • Explain the advantages and the disadvantages of the technology.
  • Make people understand that instead of giving the bank control of your money, we are our own bank.
  • Be patient with them in the beginning, it took me some time to grasp the concept myself.
  • Give books about how bitcoin and crypto work.

The more we talk to our relatives, family, and friends the more the network will start to grow. This happened with every important new technology like electricity, electric car, and the internet.

Mainstream adoption

I start to feel that we are in the process of going mainstream and this will occur sometime around 2018-2019. As soon as we reach this level the market cap of crypto will be in the trillion dollars.

I am very excited and I have a lot of gratitude to be part of this revolution. Every day, even when I am tired. I continue to work on my personal mission to make Chesatochi a good place to give value to the crypto space.

Last word

We need to be patient and educate people about crypto. Every second we invest to spread the word this will help grow the snowball for everyone.

For the love of crypto!



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