Moonbit – A faucet that pays on time!

Do you want to know what I enjoy the most in the bitcoin ecosystem? When I log into my wallet, and I've got a new payment for something I did, I feel like a butterfly flying in the sky. The technique I want to share with you today is the Moonbit website that I joined two weeks ago, on which I log twice a day and not more.

The method is simple it's called a faucet. What you need to do is log into it and claim your Satoshi. You will then need to resolve a captcha and a web page will appear. The owner receives money from the advertising and in return, it can give a percentage of your effort on viewing the publicity. As you can see it's not something that is hard to do and need to have a particular skill.

I think that for a newcomer or a veteran on the bitcoin ecosystem, it's something that you can do when you are online or have a few minutes to spend. I received my first payment on Saturday, 17th of December, and you can see the payment proof on the following picture.

I started to use this faucet after reading a post on Steemit. The person demonstrates to have always received his payments. I tried the website, and certify to have received the 12599 satochi myself into my wallet.

You can create an account immediately with the following link:

The only thing you need is to provide your public bitcoin address. Then I recommend checking in twice a day; in the morning and the end of the day. You will not get rich with this method, but it's an easy way to make some Satoshi when you don't have much time online.

If you need further information, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section of this post 😉

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