Milestone – Five millions Satoshi into my bitcoin wallet

Today I have reached a milestone in my bitcoin wallet. So far, five months have passed since I started this journey in the bitcoin world.  I remember in the beginning I struggled to understand what was the best wallet to choose for the sole purpose to store my precious bitcoin. You know I treat my bitcoin wallet like the character in the movie “Lord of the Rings” with the ring on my finger and say “this is my precious” ;).

In the real world, you need to work hard to make money, and this applies in the bitcoin ecosystem as well. So, the first few weeks I looked on the web to find reviews on what to do to get bitcoin. My philosophy is simple, I don't want to use my fiat money to acquire my bitcoin, I prefer to get it with the work I am doing online. It is easier to buy it with real money, but it is a goal I have set for myself.

I remember doing a faucet on the rotator Faucetbox, but now the service is discontinued. What I did not enjoy with this way of doing some bitcoin, you have to see many web pages that take too much bandwidth. Even worst, many faucets on the rotator have a virus or strange stuff that loaded with the web page. I only made between 100000 to 200000 Satoshi with this service.

I have dozens of applications installed on my smartphone and every day I clicked to see ads in exchange for bitcoin. Took me a couple weeks to reach my first million in Satoshi, but I was proud of myself. I got scammed twice on those apps,  even if they had good reviews. I reached the withdrawal limit but waited indefinitely without never receiving my money. For sure, I waited patiently and send them emails, but no answer. I decided to simply leave them a bad review and uninstall those applications.

Furthermore, I found a popular forum where they discuss bitcoin, the name is Bitcointalk. That is the place where I found another income that I was not aware off. This method is called signature campaign. Basically, you rent your signature space to someone who pays you. You have many campaigns that you could join on the forum, but you have to level up before you can join those campaign. You can start by joining a campaign when you reach the level “junior member”. I receive my money once a week from the posting I do on the forum, but you need to make quality posts.

Overall, my income in bitcoin come mostly from the apps I have on my smartphone and the signature campaign that I am doing on the forum Bitcointalk. Now, I hope to get more income with this blog from the advertisements and affiliate programs that I plan to promote in bitcoin. As you can see, getting bitcoin is not an easy task, you have to make an effort and work to see it appear into your wallet. The same is true for the money that appears automatically in your bank account. Normally, the vast majority of people will have a job and receive a paycheck every two weeks.

Every day new services appear on this ecosystem in evolution, news entrepreneurs find solutions and pay you with cryptocurrency. I am happy to have reached five million of Satoshi into my bitcoin wallet ;).

I am curious about what you do to receive your bitcoin without having to pay them with sovereign currency?

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