Another great milestone for!

My accomplishment

Today, I finally reach another great milestone for my crypto blog. Wow, already 9 months that I wake up every single day at around 6 am to work on this important project for me.

I love this space, the world of crypto and money. As you may know, I work full-time on this blog, even on the hardest day, I find the energy, and the focus to reach my personal goals.

What I am proud of

At a certain moment in your life, you need to follow your gut feeling and pursuit your passion. In 2016, I lost my job and for a long time, I wanted to start an online business. I have read many books on the subject, like “The 4-Hours Workweek” of Tim Ferriss without taking any action, by fear of the unknown.

So, when you get an electroshock or a bad event that occur in your life, you need to focus and understand where you want to go. Sometimes, people are scared and return doing what they know; a mediocre and boring job. They give their valuable time and wait for a pay cheque every two weeks without being fulfilled!

You can feel trapped in this situation and feel the pressure of the people around you. In my head, I have made the decision to start this crypto blog.

I am really proud of it!


What did I learn on the way?

I learned that you can not just read books and never take action. Also, to start a blog, you need to dedicate a lot of energy and time to make it happen. Nobody will do it for you. You need to materialize what you read.

Moreover, money does not come from day one. Took me sometimes to just see appeared a tiny fraction of money here and there. You need to work hard and energize yourself to never give up!

The next target

What I would like to target in the near future is to reach the following objectives:

  1. Reach around 1000 pages view daily.
  2. Go below the 1 million mark on the Alexa ranking.
  3. Get 2000 followers on Twitter.
  4. Have 1000 followers on Steemit.
  5. Find multiple streams of passive income in the crypto world.

Last word

To be a solo entrepreneur is not an easy task, you need to learn many skills on the way. Also, the success will not be quick with an online business, but if you truly believe in your mission or project, something great will happen!

I love what I am doing with and I am passionate about this space. So reading, writing, marketing to grow this crypto blog is fun, great and wonderful for me!

I am grateful if you read this and love what I am doing.  My final thought is to provide value to this wonderful space!


Che Satochi

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Good one you Che. I am in the early stages of developing my own blog and finding my place in the crypto world. You have been doing this for 9 months, but I’ve been only doing it for 9 days!! Any advice for a newcomer? I have a full time job so every second of spare time is devoted to getting my blog up and running. Cheers. Cathal


To start a blog is not an easy task, you need to always find the motivation and keep going on the project. The first thing that is important, you need to have the passion of the subject in the first place. Do not expect in the beginning to make money, concentrate to start to build your audience and traffic.

Read the milestones I wrote: and

I hope to help you in the beginning of your quest, welcome to the crypto world 🙂


Awesome. Thanks Che. I hope to draw inspiration from your achievements! If you ever in Toronto, Canada let’s have a coffee and a chat. Cheers Cathal

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