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An important milestone

When you are starting a project or work hard for what you truly believe. You need to take the time to know where your stand and where you want to go. Anything in life needs to implement milestones and evaluate what they have reached.

I dedicate a lot of time on this project, and I am very happy inside of what I have accomplished. I really love this niche and I'm passionate about what I’m doing.

The roadblocks I faced

Any projects face challenges, but without them, nobody can grow or make better decisions on the way. In the beginning, the harder obstacle I faced, is the overwhelming skills needed for my blog.

I wanted to learn everything on my own, this was a challenge but I had more control on my cost.

The money doesn't show up on day one. The real truth, I spend months before seeing a cash flow coming on the way. In reality, I  needed to build the foundation of my business. I needed to be consistent, to never give up, and the most important, do not lose my faith.

What I learned on the way

Starting a blog is not a fast money making business and the competition is very fierce. To have success your need to work hard and be smart. Moreover, you need to change things on the way and try news strategies and tools.

I learn to be able to work alone, avoid distraction and keep the focus to get the most of my valuable time. To have an open mind to learn new skills and wake up early each day. I am more productive in the morning.

People will judge you, have an open mind of being criticized. A lot of the population don’t see an online business like a typical work environment from 9 to 5. Also, you will not have the luxury to have a steady paycheck.

Greatest accomplishments

The greatest accomplishment for this blog so far are:

  • Bring my Twitter account to over 1000 followers; thank you for your support.
  • To not have given up and continue to believe in my initial vision.
  • To see my traffic increase gradually.
  • Learn to optimize and implements WordPress myself.
  • To have written my first bitcoin guide.
  • To have found a niche that I am passionate about.

Personal grow

This blog helps me to grow personally, I learn technical and business skills that I wouldn't learn with my last job. Today I have a lot of gratitude thought my destiny. To have lost my job have put me on a better pathway.

I am happy to work and grow this online business every day since I'm passionate about this topic. I'm sad when I remember how many hours I lost in a corporate job with toxic colleagues and a bad management team.

Through this personal experience,  I found a spiritual guide called Buddha. Every day I pray to him, and this gives me a boost of motivation to never give up and go in the direction that I want to go.

Where I want to go

When you have a clear mind and you know the destination you want to reach, the universe help you on the way. I believe that, when you are receptive to those signals, you make wise decisions that help you reach your deepest desires.

For many years I wanted to start a business, but I was scared and postponed the project. Now, my plan is to build an awesome crypto blog and provide valuable content.

The goal, when you have an idea in your head, stick to it, believe in it and have faith. The future will provide you evidence that you have made the right choice. We are here for a purpose and we need to find it.

Last word

I work full time on this blog, and my deepest desire is to scale it and find solutions for every roadblock on the way. Without sacrifice, I will not have a reward in return.

This crypto blog stimulates my intellectual and I am happy to be part of the blockchain revolution. Now, my next milestone is set at 1 year.

Thank you, my dear followers, to visit this blog.

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