I reached the 3 months milestone – Great accomplishment for my cryptocurrency blog!

The beginning

This is the 27th post I publish on my blog after 90 days of hard work. I started this journey on December 2nd, 2016. The goal was to create my first online business and I choose the niche of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I always loved money and finance, and this mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto inspired me, so next is history.

I work hard on this blog and it is not as easy as I thought. Someday I don't see the results I would like. I see this project as a marathon; you need to sweat from your labor, burn brain calories, learn new buzzwords, read fresh news daily to stay informed on what happens in this world. The most important are to never give up and always stay on track like an athlete does to reach the Olympics.


I remember the first 2 or 3 weeks, all the hours spent learning about configuration. The best plugins to put in place like to stop the spam, the security, backup, etc. The most difficult were to fix some slow access to my website, I was frustrated, I spend hours looking what the problem was. I am someone who looks until he finds the solution, so when I finally found it, I said oh yeah and launched fireworks all over my home.

At the moment, I am learning Java and Android. The goal is to create an Android application about something in the Bitcoin ecosystem. I am transparent with you, this is a lot of work, but every day I advance. My philosophy: I prefer to do it myself instead of paying someone; for the pleasure of doing it on my own.

With my blog, I am learning new skills set. I read what happens in the ecosystem every day; I follow around 25 sources through my RSS reader. I share on social media like Twitter, Facebook and this week I started with Instagram; necessary steps for building an audience. The mailing list step scared me in the beginning. When you have never done it before, you try to always procrastinate for the next day.

The most difficult part of this project is the monetization and traffic. An online business will die if no traffic come to see what you have to offer to the world. So far I spend hours on building my Twitter account to reach over 650 followers, took me around 70 days. I work hours to provide fresh content, I inject into myself many cups of coffee every day, otherwise, I feel like a zombie in Walking dead. The monetization is the hardest step when you start a new blog. I am trying to make money with affiliation, but I am not successful yet. I only made some money with reviews, and ads on my website. Now, my next step is to sell my first Bitcoin guide on Openbazarr, this will come next week.

Future projects

I want to continue expanding my knowledge in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. My goal is to build a great blog that people will read, and be part of the Bitcoin revolution. I want to provide useful information that everyone understands. I plan to always put two posts a week and provide paid and free guides in the future. This is an online business that I hope to get benefits from it. I want to be able to work on it from any place in the world and make a living from it.

Furthermore, I plan to learn more deeply about Bitcoin, the blockchain, and other stuff on the technical level. I want to expand my business knowledge and marketing. I need to be able to market myself, find my tone like a nice cowboy from the far west.

What did I learn over the last 90 days?

Never have doubt that I can succeed, need to provide hard work each day and be consistent. To never give up, I listen to good music to boost my motivation. To never be afraid to learn new things, otherwise, I can't learn about new technologies. The hardest part in this stage is to build the foundation fo my business. I haven't made any money since in the beginning, my focus was to provide value to my audience, money is going to flow in my direction soon like a magnet!

I don't listen to negative people and surround myself with people who believe in me and this venture. The must important, I follow my guts, otherwise, I will be a 70 years old with frustration not having done the things I wanted to do in my life. I do the thing right now because time passes so fast on this planet.

I believe strongly in this online business, I see myself working in any part of the world and have the control of my destiny. The thing I regret the most is not having started this project earlier because of the fear and gave my precious time to employers that never respected me for the value I provided to them.

Thank you for reading this post, I have a lot of gratitude to anyone visiting my blog.


2 thoughts on “I reached the 3 months milestone – Great accomplishment for my cryptocurrency blog!

  • Wow! Great blog! I really love the design, you did a great job, congratulations. I just added you to my RSS too. I should be working on my site over the weekend, I’ll try and get you added to the directory soon. Looking forward to your future posts, keep up the great work!

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