The magical value of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The magical value of bitcoin

The magical value of bitcoin is near the price of one ounce of gold. It's amazing that a simple number in a wallet have so much purchasing power.

With one bitcoin today I could travel in the south and have the sun boost myself with vitamins D. And with the rest of the money I can eat like a lion king, and sleep the rest of the week.

I found amazing the technology and the store of value you can have in comparison to any fiat currencies on the market.

In Canada, my country, if you want to eat a trio at McDonald's, you need to spend 11.50$. Do you think it is normal? I don’t think so! You need to be aware that governments print money and create inflation and the consequences are:

  • Fiat money worth less every year.
  • Leaving your money in a saving account is not a good investment.
  • The salaries don’t follow the inflation.
  • People get poorer in purchasing power.

The technology that changes everything

Now we have a technology that looks like a mirage and come from the magic world. I think it's like a mystery you need to resolve, a simple digit numbers that has so much value and is worth something. It's like storing images, videos, and music on a CD where you can see your face with the color of the rainbow.

From a user perspective, those are only numbers on a wallet. From my point of view, it is something that will change the life of many people around the world. Everyone who holds bitcoin can have a good night of sleep and be sure to have a store of value. Like gold did for over 5 thousand years in the human history.

In the magical value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the proof of work and proof of stake that gives value. In the case of bitcoin, nobody can print more bitcoin and the supply is only limited to 21 million BTC.

The silver baby of Bitcoin

Recently, one the thing that I enjoy following, is the scaling debate in Litecoin with Segwit. This will boost the network capacity of Litecoin and Bitcoin, and boost the price of both cryptocurrencies.

I purchased myself 11.969 Litecoin at 10$ USD, and I am more than happy to see the price jump to almost 14$ USD. The stakeholders of this cryptocurrency have come to a consensus to expand the network with Segwit.


I follow the scene every day for this blog, my first online business. I really enjoy reading what happens and to share my perspective.

We are in a good time frame to buy assets and cryptocurrencies that will have more value in a few years. I predict that many people will make money with this opportunity. Not everyone will risk buying Bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies, but if don’t do it, you can miss the boat and regret it later.

Today I decided to buy my first bitcoin in my wallet since the price doesn't stop to claim. I love this cryptocurrency and the ecosystem is pretty mature at the moment. This is a wise choice and good move for me.


I will buy 1 BTC with my credit card today on CEX, this will be my second purchase with this platform. I will store this wonderful digital gold on my Ledger Nano S.

This is my personal opinion, invest only with money you can afford to spend or lose. I am not an investment advisor, but someone who wants to take some risks and invest in this cryptocurrency.

Are you going to buy Bitcoin in 2017?

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