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Lunyr will bring something new to the table in the blockchain world. Are you someone who loves to get reliable information when you doing research on a typical subject on the internet? As you may know, so many fake news and information are not trustable on the network. How to beat this challenge and be sure you get reliable sources of information for your research, homework or for your own knowledge?

Lunyr is a project on the Ethereum platform. The goal of this project is to create a reliable knowledge base website like Wikipedia. The real difference is that the information will be validated before submitted into the Lunyr blockchain. Also, the information will be decentralized. You know what is the best of it, Lunyr will not get the rights to the information you provide to the platform.

The vision

The company vision is to create a reliable decentralized knowledge base. It also wants to create API for the developers to create news applications like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The team

I checked the team on the white paper provided, it looks like a very knowledgeable team with a strong education background. Before to invest in a crowdsale, this element is very important; without a strong team, sometimes project fail. Also, some of the members have already build a startup, so the team has experience with the challenges this project will face.

How does the project work?

Everyone will be able to contribute with his knowledge and brain power. The big difference with Wikipedia is that when you contribute an article to the platform, you are going to receive an incentive for your contribution. The system will pay you every two weeks with LUN tokens. Also, the moderators will make sure the information is reliable and is not junk submitted to the platform for a quick buck. So you can be confident the information you read comes from a reliable source. Furthermore, the platform will sell advertisement space to generate incomes.

The advantages I see with this project:

  • The students around the globe will have access to the best reliable decentralized knowledge base in the world.
  • Trusted brand to access information on the internet.
  • Cannot modify the information of the nature of the blockchain technology.
  • The incentive to share your knowledge on the platform.
  • Application programming interface to build applications that have access to trusted knowledge base.


The purpose of the crowdsale is to acquire app tokens which give you value on the Lunyr platform. The duration of the crowdsale is 4 week from March 29  to April 26. Each Ether you invest in the project will give you 44 LUN in return, the minimum cap is set at 25,000 Ether for a maximum of 250,000 Ether. That represent a minimum of 1.1 million LUN tokens and a maximum of 11 million LUN tokens accordingly.


The solution is to build a trusted decentralized knowledge base and get pay with LUN tokens for your contribution is amazing. Everyone on the planet will then be able to have access to reliable and trusted information for their homework, business project or for the pleasure of learning. I am someone who loves to have access to fast information for a quick search, but most of the time it takes hours to find reliable sources.

I believe Lunyr will be successful and I hope they succeed. The history has proved many times, that an idea in the head of an entrepreneur mind can transform to an innovative solution like Facebook or Google.

What do you think about the Lunyr project?

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