Learning the Hard Way in the Crypto World, a True Reality!

learningLearning the hard way

In the crypto world, you need to understand words like blockchain, altcoins, and other strange buzzwords. I know that for a nontechnical mind, it can be intimidating to enter this space.

I remember when I started my journey 1 year ago, all the books I read to understand how bitcoin was working. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know and today I have this crypto blog.

Do you know what? Things change so fast, that you need to constantly stimulate your brains to learn new information. That can be a pain for someone who is not interested in the technical aspect and just want to use cryptocurrency as simply as using a smartphone.

A nightmare

I invested on Neo recently and I bought my coins on the Bittrex trading exchange. It is important for me to be the owner of my coins and have my assets under my control, so I transferred them to y Neo PC wallet.

I waited 3 days and I never saw my coins, so I try to post on Bitcointalk and Reddit to receive support. I found that many had the same issue, and everyone told me my coins were safe on the blockchain. Every proposed solution was not working, this was very annoying and frustrating.

So I decided to investigate further, I love to find the answer and hate to wait. I tried many things until I found that I had the choice to download the full blockchain file on my personal computer. I used that option and opened my Neo PC wallet to finally see my tokens.

This was a stressful experience and a waste of time, but I learned a lot from it.

Almost died from a heart attack

I will not forgive August 1st, 2017 and the bitcoin hard fork. Like everybody else, I love to receive free money or obtain the coins from the creation of a new entity.

I followed the guide provided by Ledger on how to get my coins. You know what happened? There was a bug in the application and my balance was 0$. This was a terrifying experience and I was very angry.

I wrote on the Ledger Medium blog post that the software had a bug. In the meantime, I found a workaround with an option available to reset the data on the software. The next day, I discovered that many got the same issue, and the company released an emergency update.

After the storm, I saw my coins appear, what a stress reliever. I lost a huge amount of time to investigate what was the problem and it gave me a lot of stress.

The company should have done more testing, but at least they responded rapidly.

Adapt to the situation

In the crypto world, you need to find the information yourself. Also, you need to prepare mentally that the security of your assets is on your shoulders.

Things move rapidly and change so fast, that you need to adapt. The information that was good yesterday, can be obsolete 1 week later.

The best approach

The best way to approach a problem in the cryptocurrency world  are the following:

  • Have an open mind.
  • Be ready to learn and sometimes get some stress from the process.
  • Adapt rapidly.
  • Read and absorb a huge amount of information.
  • Be ready to spend hours to rectify a problem.

Last word

This blog gives me an opportunity to get into this wonderful world every day. As you can see, I learn the hard way in these two recent situations.

In the end, I really love what I am doing, and learning is something that is vital for me, even with some stress.

Did you have a stressful experience in the crypto world?

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