Humaniq – Bring Happiness to the Unbanked of this World!

Humaniq is a wonderful solution

Humaniq is a solution that will come live this year, I came to know the company from an article of my daily following on the blockchain ecosystem. Do you know how much-unbanked people cannot participate in the finance industry? Do you know how much money the vast majority live daily in this world?

3 billion people on earth live with only 2.50$ USD daily. Also, 80% of the entire human race live with less than 10$ USD daily.

I read the 24 pages white paper and I got hooked on the story of this startup. The vision and solution to provide finance solution to the unbanked of this world. The human race needs to push forward with a solution that will give the same opportunity to everyone on this planet.

In the western world, we take for granted a bank account or a credit card. The population in Africa, South America, and Asia need access to finance to get loans and insurance and other related services.

The solution from Humaniq

Humaniq will provide access to finance to the unbanked with an Android smartphone application. The population in Africa, South America, and Asia have over 95% of the Android phone of the planet, so only this platform will be available for now. The Android application will use biometric identification, so the users just need to take a picture of their face. The platform will give Humaniq tokens to users who bring new users on board and do small tasks. The mining process will not involve buying hardware or involve special technical stuff, but simply a camera included on the smartphone, amazing.

You can access the Humaniq website and take your time to learn more about the project. I recommend you to read the white paper, to get a better understanding and any section that interest you. You can jump directly to the conclusion of this document, and in 2 minutes you can understand the whole idea.


You have the chance to participate to the bounty at this link from Bitcointalk. The goal of the bounty is to promote the project around the world and get compensated with Humaniq tokens. I've joined the bounty newsletter, the requirement is your bitcointalk profile link, username, email and Ethereum public address. Took me only 5 minutes to complete. You also need to create an account on the website The Viral Exchange to participate on the social bounty, the tasks will be posted on the Bitcointalk thread. I checked rapidly what this site does; you need to complete a task like a retweet and accumulate viral points that you can convert in Bitcoin or Blitz.


The Humaniq ICO will be held from the 6 to the 27 of April 2017. If you're invested in the first 2 days, the platform will give you a 49.9% bonus; this is an amazing investment opportunity. You can have more details on the main page on the website Humaniq.


This is a good opportunity to invest in a project that I think will make a difference in the world. The unbanked are people like you and me who have the right to access basic finance. The ICO provide a great way to invest in a good startup from the cryptocurrency space. I don't know if this project will succeed, but I think this solution should help the unbanked of the world to have a smile and bring happiness to their homes.

Invest for a better world, if you need more information, don't hesitate to comment below!

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