HODL Strategy to Keep your Valuable Digital Money!

The crypto market

The market in 2017 has increased a lot. I am pretty sure that people who invested in crypto, have woke up many times with a huge increase in value.

The point I want to emphasize is many turbulence happened along the way. Also, I must tell you the real truth, that some of that turbulence has impacted our moral and sleep. The grim reality for having seen your portfolio drastically decreased around 30% to 50% is depressing.

Important events that have impacted the crypto market this year are:

  • PBOC that halt the trading exchanges in China.
  • The bitcoin civil war for the best scaling solution.
  • Complete bans of ICOs within the Chinese territory.
  • Banning of the cryptocurrency trading exchanges by the Chinese government.
  • FUD and fake news to disturb the mind of the people.

Your chance to succeed

What do you have at your disposal when the crazy market drop drastically in less than 12 hours?

As soon as a situation of this nature occurs, you can start to see questions like these on Reddit and crypto forums:

  • Do you think it is time to sell?
  • Do you know when the market will bounce back?

The simple answer to all these questions, do not pay attention to the market and apply the HODL strategy. This is a philosophy and a way of thinking among the crypto community.

HODL means to hold for dear life! The real meaning is:  do not sell and wait for the storm to pass. The market will recover and bounce back. I know that is not easy, but I experienced it many times and it worked like a charm.

You can see the complete meaning of this term: HOLD definition.

Also, I really recommend checking this crypto artist “Crypto Pop” that paint an awesome picture of a HODLer.


Your happiness in the future

When you invest in cryptocurrencies you need to think like a HODLer and apply this method. You will bring peace to your mind and a beautiful smile will appear peacefully on your face.

Those incredible numbers on your crypto portfolio will hit the moon. This will stimulate you to develop your resilience, your patience and to believe in this way of thinking.

Last word

Never panic when a nuclear bomb hit the value of you holding positions. Sometimes, it is better just to close your smartphone or computer and go outside with your loved one.

A little poem for a crypto HODLer!

When a tsumani is at your door, HODL and apply this way of thinking.

The hurricane should hit soon, HODL and develop your resilience.

An earthquake shake your emotions, HODL and go outside for a walk.

You think you are going to lose everything, HODL and you will be proud of yourself.

This method has proved to work!

Do you apply this strategy and this way of thinking?

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