The Fast Track to Learn Crypto Easily and Have Fun


I am in the bus for Uyuni in Bolivia. The problem is that the WiFi does not work for the research of this article.

By chance, I had an interesting topic saved in my software pocket. When I found something useful I save it there.

The idea

I saved one article that talks about what you can learn in two days that you could take normally 6 months. This technique can be applied to the crypto context as well.

Some questions I saw often :

  1. Understanding Bitcoin?
  2. How to trade cryptocurrency?
  3. How to invest in an ICO?

To have clarity

When you have the clarity of what you want to learn, this gives you a clear path of what you want to reach.

For an example, you want to learn about Bitcoin. This is a broad idea, you need to split the objectives into small steps.

  • What is the protocol behind Bitcoin?
  • What is SHA256?
  • What is mining?
  • What is a transaction confirmation?
  • and much more…

As you can see, you need to learn with small steps. Otherwise, you will be saturated with too much information and lose track of the ultimate goal to learn about Bitcoin.

Apply the knowledge

I remember when I was in school we memorized the information without applying it. In the long term, you are going lose most of the information you have learned.

Let’s go back to the case of learning Bitcoin. You want to know how the transaction work and get confirmed?

If you read how the process works without doing it in real life. Surely, after two days, you will need to read again the same article. The best would be to download the wallet and send some Bitcoin and receive them. Check the status and see what happen. This way you apply the concept immediately and the retention of the information should become permanent.

Real world experience made by me

As you may already know, in the beginning, I wanted to start an online business. I had no idea where to start. One day I finally choose the world of crypto.

The real truth, I wasn’t really sure where to start. Then I made the decision to purchase my domain name and to build a great crypto blog. My motivation was real, even if I needed to put hours of my time and energy to accomplish it.

In the context of this article, my clarity gives me the motivation to wake up every day at 5 o'clock to built this blog.

Somedays the motivation is not there, but when I think about the reasons why I am doing it. This gives me the fuel to continue and bypass every obstacles in my path.

Keep tracking

Another aspect is to keep track of what you have learned. This gives you precisely where you stand and what you need to focus.

Come back to the case of the Bitcoin transaction confirmation. You need to validate if you understand all the process before moving forward in the next step of learning Bitcoin. With this important issue in mind, you can make the commitment to keep track. Make sure you have grasped the objective before moving to the next one.

Areas in the crypto world I have learned

As you may be aware of, leaned crypto is only one small step I had to accomplish. The more I read, write and research, the more I become an expert in this interesting field.

Some of the area of my crypto blog:

  • Marketing to promote my blog.
  • Try innovative way to monetize it.
  • Make curation to build my social network.
  • Maintenance, backup, and security.
  • and much more…

Somedays, I have the impression of not doing everything I want to accomplish. With the clarity and purpose for what I do, this gives me a boost to continue and moving forward.

Last world

This method can be applied to every field.

The process is simple, clarity of what you want to accomplish. Then do it and apply it in the real world. Then, track your progress. And the most important, repeat the process.

I hope this gives you a good starting point on the things you want to learn in the crypto space!

What do you think of this methodology?

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