A Potential Token to Invest and to Research Before Pouring Money!


Recently, I heard of one potential token that might be interesting to invest. I do not like to make a quick decision and the most fundamental action every investor should do, is to make research.

I already wrote about this topic, you can check my practical guide to research coins.

Every day, we see people talking about what will be the next token to reach the end of the universe. One of those, with a big hype and many crypto influencers advertise, is the project EOS.


This platform is created by the same person behind the social network Steemit. I heard on a Youtube video that some people in the crypto space call it the Ethereum killer.

What is so special about EOS? This will be a blockchain ecosystem to support decentralized applications. This platform would facilitate developers to build dapps on top of EOS.

Let me give a real example of an application:

Steemit is a social blogging platform and people get an incentive to participate with Steem coins. As you may know, you need a blockchain platform that can support millions of users or transactions for it to work. Facebook can handle easily millions of users and Visa the same with transactions. EOS will be the operating system for decentralized applications.

How to track the projects on Twitter?

As you may aware of, Twitter is very convenient and it is easy to get the latest news of any projects in the crypto space. I came with this idea because I use it for other purposes. You can create a list on Twitter and follow the projects you are interested in or you are already pouring money into it. I created a private crypto investments group on my Twitter account as you can see on the picture below.

I follow EOS and IOTA to receive the latest information rapidly and see those projects progress. You need to make a wise decision before making your final decision.



Many people are looking for the next token that will reach the moon. Every day,  I see this type of questions on forums:

What do you think of my Portfolio? Do you think this token has the potential to get a profit of x100? What do you think the price will be in 2018?

Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow. So the best is to take the time to look yourself, learn how the development is doing, see the progress, and then think twice before investing in any blockchain startup.

What do you do before investing in a blockchain startup?

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