Emotions in the Land of a Crypto Investor!

The emotions

The game of trading and investing cryptocurrency is a thrilling game that can give you a good return on your investment. Since I follow Bitcoin, I saw the price go from 800$ to almost 4,500$ in only one year.

As you may know, when you study pattern, read the news and try to predict the market, emotions are involved. Someday we are stressed, others days we are happy and sometimes we are almost in the state of depression.

Emotion and crypto investment can make a killing or you can make false moves. Some people can lose everything at this game, even lose a partner, assets and years in depression.

Full of power and energy

When we are in a bullish market, it is easy to pick up winners and see your crypto portfolio increase day by day. You dance and shout in your house!

You think you are invulnerable and you check the price 20 times a day. My philosophy, it is better to stay calm and have the gratitude for your current portfolio, everything in life is relative.

The point I want to emphasize, some days you can see a coin jump at the speed of light and the next morning sees its price back at the same place. I know this feeling, I monitor my own crypto portfolio often, and I love bullish market as well. My personal thrill is to see the numbers increase, and try to pick good assets to invest for the long term.

Mental stress and nervosity

You need to experience those feeling because you need to develop resilience when your face a bear market. Can you imagine yourself waking up one morning before going to work, and see your crypto portfolio decreased by 45%?

Inside you, you will feel some pain and the stress will take your entire body. In my case, my prefrontal head will burst in heat power!

What I do in this case, I go take a nice walk outside and try to focus my attention on something positive. When you are stressed, you are in a survival mode, and you become like a prehistoric man that want to hunt a mammoth!

What to do?

What to do with your emotions on a bullish market:

  • Stay humble and be happy with your crypto assets.
  • Appreciate what you have and do not think of when you are going to have 1 million.
  • Have gratitude for this amazing opportunity that you have.

What to avoid?

What to do with your emotions in a bear market:

  • Do not panic or get too much stress on your shoulders. Otherwise, you are going to make false moves.
  • Focus your energy to balance your mood and not get angry toward people around you.
  • Do not read too¬†much bad news, go outside and take a deep breath.

Last word

As you can see, the emotions are involved when you get exposed to the crypto world. Someday you feel the inner peace inside of you and others days you can't even move from your bed.

It is important to have a balance with your emotions and work to control them. Otherwise, your emotions will control you and this is not the best approach.

What are the emotions you have experienced in the crypto world?

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