Elliott Wave – The Ultimate Indicator To Increase Your Wealth


I am active on Steemit and I discovered a blogger that utilizes the indicator Elliott Wave for crypto technical analysis. I made the commitment to learn this technique and hope to make a profit in the future. Also, I hope you are going to learn and discover this mystery world with me.

When I want to learn something and increase my knowledge, I prefer to have a book at my disposal. I did some research and pick up a book.

The Elliott Wave Steemian cryptoanalyst

I follow Haejin on Steemit and this wonderful person opened my eyes to this indicator. What I like about him, he provides free chart analysis on the platform and he makes recommendations. Furthermore, he provides a few free Elliot Wave tutorial videos on Youtube. You can find the free courses at the end of each post he makes on Steemit.

Another great thing, when people upvote him, he makes some money with the wonderful value he provides to the community.

The philosophy of Haejin: With Elliot Wave indicator he can predict the projection of the future price without any involvement with fundamental analysis or external news. Simply with the patterns, he can predict the trends of the price.

I really recommend following him on Steemit: @haejin

The book

Videos are a great way to learn but for me, I prefer a really good book that covers the subject in depth. I made a search and founded this book for studying Elliot Wave techniques. With @haejin wisdom and this book, I should expand my vision of the technical analysis world.

Last word

What I like the most is discovering new things in this awesome world of crypto and share my discovery with you. Maybe you are the next crypto trader that will make a killing with Elliott Wave indicator.

Do not forget to follow @haejin on Steemit.

What do you think of Elliott Wave techniques?


2 thoughts on “Elliott Wave – The Ultimate Indicator To Increase Your Wealth

  • Hi I have read a couple of his articles and I think he is really awesome I would like to learn elliott waves. Hope the find a free version online *lol*

    • I think is not a problem to find it somewhere on the internet ;). For my part, I took this book at my local public library that I am reading right now.

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