CryptoPing – the Magic of a Signal and the Possibility to Make a Profit


CryptoPing is a nice piece of technology that helps you on your quest with cryptocurrency trading. Every day we see graphics with up and down on any market. People are nervous to try trading because of the fear of losing money.

This software should decrease your level of stress and help you on your journey. Daily alerts are going to be transmitted automatically to you and should improve your trading decision.

The CryptoPing ICO

The CryptoPing ICO started on May, 25th and will stay live for 1 month. The supply of apps tokens is limited to 10 000 000 on the Wave platform. As I'm writing this, investors have already invested 73 BTC.

You can invest on the ICO with the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, WAVES, DASH, and ETH. You can access the ICO with the following link  The money for the ICO will bring on the table interesting features for the bot. This is the ones I find the most appealing:

  • Social trading
  • Investing app
  • News and social feeds monitoring
  • Auto-investing app

My own experience

You will need to make sure you have an account on Telegram. In the crypto community, many use this channel to communicate. I created an account on the website to try this innovative solution. The idea has a lot of potential for the average investor in the cryptocurrency space.

Even the veterans on day trading should find those alerts valuables. The alerts are sent from 3 popular trading exchanges, right now the platforms are:

Those signals are sent through the Telegram channel automatically, base on the programmed algorithm into the bot. What is cool with CryptoPing is that the decision is on your shoulders; you have to decide if you want to make the transaction or not. The role of the bot is to make sure you receive the alerts.

Imagine one moment to find trading opportunity on over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and digital assets. I am pretty confident, you can save a lot of time, frustration and spend your time more wisely with this software.

The advantages

  • Save you valuable time, searching opportunities for you instead of on your own.
  • Have good trading alerts to be able to make a wise decision.
  • Consolidate in one place many trading platforms on the Telegram channel.
  • Receive alerts even when you are not online.
  • Discover and get knowledge about the altcoins world.

The disadvantages

  • It’s not guaranteed to be the miracle solution.
  • You are not going to win on every trade, the market will decide.

Trade with an alert from the platform

I have already a Poloniex account and the bot offer alerts for this trading exchange. I was so happy not having to create a new account. My goal is to try trading on Poloniex depending on the alerts received from the bot on Telegram. When you do that, you can discover new cryptocurrencies.

As you may know, you need to buy low and sell high, this is a classic adage. Maybe I will hit 777 and win the jackpot and gold will come into my direction. The cryptocurrency is unregulated and many pumps exist on the altcoins world. I want to know if I can succeed with the bot and see for myself if it works well.

I have a good feeling about those alerts. My plan is to try 3 trade and make a median of my trade. The platform will implement a monthly membership access after the ICO. If the solution works well, I plan to subscribe.


You want to trade in an amazing world where things move so fast. You want to have fun in the exciting market of cryptocurrencies.

This is an opportunity to try trading with a helper bot. At least, you will have a starting point by receiving alerts. That correlate with the micro-niche audience I tend to deserve.

Now don’t be scared and try with a small amount to learn the process. You don’t need to read a book of a thousand pages. My philosophy is, you learn faster doing it yourself and remember the result better with real world experience.

Now you need to take a deep breath and take action on the altcoins trading world.

Click on the link below, and take action now to see you digital assets grow.

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