Cryptocurrency Micro-niche – Which one Should I choose?

cryptocurrency micro-nicheWhich micro niche for my blog?

As you many know, cryptocurrency is a big territory, as big as the entire universe. I’m kidding, but the ecosystem has many areas of expertise. You need to find the best that fit your skill or at least what you are really passionate about.



The micro-niche that come to my mind are:

  • Hardware mining
  • Investment tips
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies
  • Selling crypto clothes
  • How to buy crypto and keep them safe

Much more exist out there, but you need to be creative and figure out yourself what is your best fit. The most important is to choose a topic in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that you would never lose interest.

Why I chose my micro-niche?

I decided to choose the niche of bitcoins and altcoins investment. With this micro-niche, I will concentrate my effort on how to grow your cryptocurrencies without fear and invest with confidence.

The focus of my future topics:

  • Secure investment with bitcoins and altcoins (avoid scam program).
  • Evaluation of good bitcoin and altcoin wallet (hold your cryptocurrencies securely).
  • Evaluation of reliable investment programs.
  • Investment strategy.
  • Talking of reliable ICO investment opportunity.

My interest of the subject

My interests are the rising value of some cryptocurrencies and what are the key elements that influence its growing. One of the things I enjoy is to monitor the price claim and what cause the price change.

I am someone who loves reading and enjoy staying up to date on my niche. I recently put in practice fundamental investing in the cryptocurrency space.

An example of what I did, when a heard about Segwit and Litecoin. I purchased some Litecoin. Now Litecoin is activated and the price is around 35$ USD each.

The goal is to interpret the news and find investment opportunity. I will not always get the result I expect, my philosophy if you never try, you will never get any result.

The evolution of my blog

I think when you start an online business, you need to learn from real experience. I learn it is not good to write for a broad audience, but instead to find a micro-niche that you become an expert in it.

Are you someone who have experience with micro-niche site?


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