Cryptocurrency Investment Course – a step-by-step Guide Review


I love the Udemy platform, where great people teach many fields. Many of these teachers are very passionate by what they do and they know their subject.

Do you prefer someone who is passionate or mediocre? The advantage of Udemy is that you are going to save tremendous time learning a specific skill instead versus a traditional teaching school method.

The teacher and his background

At the beginning of the course, the teacher his very transparent about his background and I liked that. He speaks with a good speed and makes sure you understand the presented the material.

With his background in mathematics, it is easy for him to present the material using numbers.

The course

The beginning of the course is the introducing of the concepts you need to know to master the course. Also, he shows slides to get you a better understanding of the presented materials.

  • Gives you an introduction to the following concepts: Bitcoin, Altcoin, exchange, and blockchain. Also, he guides you and recommends you to use Coinbase to start to buy Bitcoin.
  • Gives you a good explanation on how to start on Poloniex and Bittrex and how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to those trading exchanges.
  • Explains in details how to buy, sell and withdraw your first Altcoin on Bittrex and Poloniex.
  • Teaches you how to store safely your coins on a cold wallet or a paper wallet.
  • Introduces you the fundamental and technical analysis and how to profit from the crypto news.
  • Introduces you to ICO, how to evaluate and invest in them.


The advantages of this course:

  • The teacher speaks with a constant speed and it is pretty easy to follow his instructions.
  • Presentation of the concepts with numbers from his academic background.
  • Have a specific blueprint to follow to get you started in trading cryptocurrency.
  • Gives good advice and security tips.
  • Very easy to follow for someone without any prior experience.
  • Emphasize a lot on security and recommend to enable the 2-factor authentication.
  • Introduces you to the terminology you need to understand into this space.
  • There is a good section on the technical analysis to help with your trading.


The disadvantages of this course:

  • I have the impression the teacher has memorize the videos before recording his course.
  • Not for an advanced crypto trader.

Last word

This teacher has a good teaching style. Also, he knows what is his preaching and his matter. Moreover, after this course, you should be confident to start trading in the crypto world and should be able to buy your first Bitcoin and make your first trade on the Altcoins world.

This course target specifically the beginners and the intermediates crypto users.

You should click on the following link to start your trading learning course:

Cryptocurrency Investment Course - a step-by-step Guide

Cryptocurrency Investment Course - a step-by-step Guide

Interesting content


Teacher style




Applicable knowledge

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