Cryptocurrencies investment – This Can be like a Tsunami!

Cryptocurrencies investmentMy first ICO cryptocurrency investment

This week, I am very excited about the ICO of Humaniq. This project will help the unbanked around the world. As you may know, the world of blockchain has created innovative solutions on the market.

My girlfriend and I, we decided to buy Bitcoin and invest over 500$ each. You know what? The ICO don’t accept any investment in fiat currency. The only options available was BTC, ETH and wire transfer.

The purchasing process of Humaniq

The first step was to buy BTC with the lowest fee possible; this is for everything in life. I tried to buy BTC with a credit card, but I was not able to find a reliable website and the fees were higher than expected. So instead, I paid cash to my local Bitcoin embassy that kept 6% fees. The advantage of using this method, you have access to the fund immediately in your wallet.

I found the process stressful, I checked twice to make sure the fund were in my wallet. The service provided by the store was not very good. The vendor was not a great person to talk with, so I didn’t like making business with him. This was the first and the last time I buy BTC there.

After my transaction was completed, I needed to wait for the transaction to get confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Then, I created my profile on the Humaniq website and I transferred my BTC to the platform. What is awesome with this ICO, when you invest in the first two days you get a 49.9% in bonus tokens.

I did the transfer with a low fee, so I am now waiting for my Humaniq tokens.

The purchasing of Litecoin cryptocurrency

Lately, the price of Litecoin is raising because of the potential Segwit activation. Do you want to know what is Segwit? It is a solution to scale the capacity of the Litecoin network.

A lot of news came to my attention when I was reading articles on cryptocurrencies so I decided to buy some Litecoin. I transferred my money though the Poloniex trading exchange. Instead of paying a high fee, I set my transaction with a low fee. I am not in a rush to buy it; at the end of the day, I should have at least 2 confirmations.

ICO investment

An ICO can bring opportunities to all people around the world. It is always rich people or banks who make a huge profit in the investment world. Lately, we see a trend of many successful ICO, and this creates an investment opportunity.

Now the average Joe can invest without fear, but always remember you can get scammed. Any type of investment have always a risk, you need to invest on a project you believe in and that you did research on. I found a good website that analyzes companies who provide ICO, the name is ICOrating.


It always scared me to invest a big sum of money. I learned that if you never take a risk in life, you will never grow. You can miss a good opportunity that you could regret later.

The most beautiful is that you don’t need a third party in the process. I predict that 2017 will be the year of the ICO booming. The banked and unbanked can invest for their future on their own.

Are you going to invest in an ICO or buy cryptocurrencies for your future?

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