Crypto Signals Review – An Interesting Helper to Generate Profits

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Crypto signals, the application I found while looking for some new crypto applications on Google Play for my smartphone. I always believed that crypto trading signals were speculation or SCAM. In this space, you need to check many times when you find something too good to be true.

I took the time to download the application and give it a try. In life, if you do not take a chance, you could lose a lifetime opportunity!

Crypto Signals on Google Play

You can find the application at the following link: CS Download

This application has a good rating of 4.5 with 230 reviews. This gives a clear indication that people appreciate it. The app is very simple and well designed as you can see below.

My experiment with Crypto Signals

on average, I receive between 4 and 6 alerts via the push notification on my smartphone. I do not need to check every minute to see if something new appear on the app.

What is cool about those alerts is it includes at which price to buy, when to set the stop-loss and the target range to sell. I recommend analyzing the graph and do some research on your own before making any move. Never rely on an alien blindly without doing some due diligence on your part!

Another feature I enjoyed, it gives in-depth analysis and the information is easy to understand.

The advantages of Crypto Signals

These are the advantages I discovered while testing the application:

  • The alerts are completely free.
  • Receive instant alerts on your smartphone and you do not need to check every 5 minutes.
  • Great information easily understandable.
  • Help you to make a decision on your trading.

The disadvantages of Crypto Signals

While using the app, I found these disadvantages:

  • When an alert enters and you check it, sometimes the application crash and you need to restart it.
  • The application is new and maybe in the future, you will need to pay to access the service.
  • This is not the miracle pill to make a living.

Last word

This application so far sends good alerts and reliable information for free. Also, do not rely on the information at 100%, always do your research before applying the trade recommendation.

If you do not have experience with cryptocurrency trading, I recommend you to check one of  the following courses I review on Udemy before starting your journey:

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What do you think about crypto alerts?

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