Crypto Market – Craziness of the Market and DIP

crypto marketIntroduction

You may be a veteran or a new investor that just recently come into the crypto space. You should have noticed that the market is extremely volatile. This may occur when many coordinated events happen simultaneously and make the crowd panic.

You should have noticed that as soon the Bitcoin price decrease, the whole market follows the same pattern. One of the causes is that many of the pairs are traded with Bitcoin and people often cash out to preserve their capital.

The FUD on the market

The behavior of this market is unpredictable and tend to respond to the emotions of the people. Since the beginning of 2018, we have already experienced three serious dips who decreased the overall crypto market cap.

We can sometimes see that the people who create the FUD, are the people who want to speculate and make a good profit. The FUD spread like cancer, and people get concern and generally sell on the panic bottom, this story repeats all the time.

If you are a speculator, you can make a killing with the variation of the market.

Investors standpoints

When you are a real investor, you know what you have invested in. You will always keep in mind that you have invested in real projects that have the potential to increase over time and produce real value to the world. The short-term fluctuation will not impact your goals, and you will not make the mistake to change your plan.

What I learned

To tell you truth, even for myself it is hard to stay positive when the market decreased rapidly.

What I learned since I am involved in this space and started this crypto blog:

  • The market rebound rapidly and the price often surpasses the previous price before the dip.
  • Never make a decision on the irrationally of the market, nobody can predict the market.
  • When the dip occurs, you will start seeing people complaining that crypto or bitcoin is not good; do not pay attention to these people, it is not worth your time and energy.
  • The community shares good humor and collectively we hold the fort like in the movie 300.
  • Crypto enthusiast believes in the technology and will apply the HODL strategy.

What you should do

When you see a bloodbath in your crypto portfolio and a huge dip on the market.

Those are the recommendations you should take:

  • Try not to check the price every five minutes to avoid making a panic sell that you can regret later.
  • Go out and make something that helps you laugh, this help releasing the stress.
  • Apply the HODL strategy and do not take any action in your portfolio.

Last word

Many people point out that this situation occurs every year and is becoming a predictable crypto pattern. What I mean by that, the market could not always increase rapidly and this has proved to be unsustainable. A good healthy correction is always welcomed to rebound and become stronger after.

The blockchain and crypto are here to stay no matter what will happen. The correlation is the market will reach the trillion dollars before the end of the year, I am positive about it.

Please, do not panic, belief, keep faith, HODL, stay positive and pray for what you believe.

Sincerely, Chesatochi

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