Crypto in 2018 – Should be the Year History will Remember

Crypto in 2018

Crypto in 2018 should be an awesome year. Many many projects will finally reach their mature phase. The crypto space will change the way we live in this world without a central authority and give the power back to the people. Also, ordinary people will have the chance to build wealth without the exclusion of banks or central authorities.

The 1% that control everything should spread to 99% of the world. Central authorities have proved to manipulate and use their power for themselves, without sharing with the people who really need it.

Prediction of what to expect with crypto in 2018

One of the things I like the most about my online business is reading and discovering new things. The outcome of this: I developed some skills and see where the market is going. Never forget that knowledge is power and another factor is the timing. This is the trends that should happen with the crypto in 2018.

This list is base on the tendency of what I read throughout the year.

1 – Cryptocurrency enters the mainstream phase

We are now in a phase that it is impossible to stop the cryptocurrency movement. In 2017, they were many attempts to attack, criticize and ban crypto without any result. The contrary has happened with more people that wanted to discover and invest in this wonderful market.

Coinbase has a huge number of new accounts created and the search of the words “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin” skyrocket on Google. Furthermore, now we see headlines on all the major newspapers of this kind “Bitcoin has reached 17 000$”. This type of headline gives credibility and free advertisement to reach more people.

Crypto in 2018 will be the year history will remember as the year it has reached the mainstream population.

2 – Crypto States cryptocurrency

Using fiat money will decrease more and more in the coming years, this is a trend we tend to see around the world. The states not to be left behind with crypto, many countries will create their own crypto state cryptocurrency.

Instead of using fiat money, you will use the crypto state crytptocurrency from your country. At least, you will be able to pay your tax with it, but the only thing I do not like with this type of crypto, the state will have more control over the money supply. As you may know, the inflation destroys the economy and boost the price for the same goods and service!

3- The crypto in 2018 that will have a big impact

The platform that will have a strong grow is the platform that offer a variety of services like Ethereum, EOS, and NEO. Developers around the world need an easy access to fund thought ICOs or platform to build they apps on blockchain ecosystems.

Those platform will have a huge increase in value and this will correlate with the price.

4- Blockchain games that will impact crypto in 2018

You should have heard about the hype around the Cryptokitties game where you can buy crypto cats. The goal of this game is to have luck to discover rare cats and sell them for profits. The idea behind the game is simple but have so much value on Ethereum platform. Many people have made thousands dollars of profit playing that game.

I expect many games of this kind will appear on platforms like EOS or NEO. Those games combine the power of crypto and traditional gameplay and create a real economy where the incentive is to grow your assets in the game.

5 – A correction of the ICOs space

The market of ICOs will have a correction in 2018 with more real projects. The investors will expect those ICOs will be backed with a tangible product or real companies. Most of the ICOs are with inexperience team or without a tangible product.

The ICOs market will be more mature and secure to invest, more information will be available for the savvy investors.

6 – The mother of all crytocurrency

Bitcoin will be set in the niche of value that will beat the gold market in a couple of years. Bitcoin will reach the trillion-dollar market cap in value and will be a very good way to preserve your wealth against instability around the world. Also, the Lightning Network will add the value of being able to buy you a coffee at McDonald.

My personal prediction is that Bitcoin will reach a market cap between one or two trillion dollars in 2018.


The mainstream phase will be the year of crypto in 2018. This is the year many will have the opportunity to build massive wealth never experienced before in human history. Better to prepare yourself to have some money before the advancement of AI that is coming rapidly.

AI will make many jobs obsolete, so if you have the chance to build wealth with crypto in 2018, it should be a good year to enter this market.

What is your prediction for 2018 in the crypto space?

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