Crypto Community is Strong – Unity for a Shifting Paradigm

crypto communityThe shifting paradigm

I entered this space following a personal event in my life in 2016 and this opened my eyes to a new world. The world of crypto is a way of thinking and a culture on his own. We are a community that wants a change in the world of finance and get the power back in our hands.

Beginning of a silent revolution

I see a great future where everyone in the world has access to the fund they need without being impacted by a credit score. The unbanked will have the same access to money to feed their family, start a business on their own, and send their kids to university.

The international banking system is not fair for everyone. We need to change the rules of the game and let the computer power to print money instead of governments and central banks. They are responsible for the wars, suffering, and inequality around the world.

They can not stop the machine

Lately, the bankers are paid to spread false news that bitcoins are not good and it is a scam. Even one of the bigger dictators of the planet will ban trading exchanges and ICO soon. I think the Chinese citizens have the right to possess cryptocurrency.

  1. They can attack crypto and create fear, but they can not stop our way of thinking.
  2. Maybe they can diminish the price momentarily, but they can not stop the power of our thoughts.
  3. They can blame and criticise, but they can not stop us to be part of this revolution.

My personal experience

I do not believe anymore in this international banking system. You know, sometimes the same thing happens to a lot of people in the same time for a reason. I believe it is a universal principle of the universe. An event or a technology can change a society and replace it with something better.

What happened to me, I got some financial problems on the way. When I needed to access essential services from the banks, they spit on my face. Then, they turn me down and I felt betrayed by this system!

I realized that when you have money, the banks are there for you. When you have difficulty or are in trouble, you are like a cockroach to them!

Last word

I see a bright future for the crypto space. Also, I see the planet unified and everyone having access to the same opportunities that the crypto world will provide.

The shifting paradigm is just beginning to replace the obsolete financial system. The world without inflation, everyone to have access to a bank account, have the funding to start a project. To simply have the right to participate in the global economy!


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