Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins – Review


I love learning and it is even better when I update my current skills on cryptocurrency trading. This is the third course I tried and reviewed from the Udemy platform. I followed the course and put my honest opinion.

The main focus of this course concentrates on the technical analysis with charting. The ultimate goal is to help you make a wise decision when to buy and minimize stop loss.

The specific topics covered in this course

  1. Fundamental analysis.
  2. Technical analysis.
  3. Cryptocurrency charting with Tradeview.
  4. Analyse when to enter and sell a cryptocurrency or token.
  5. An introduction to ICO.

The charting methodology

This is one of the most exciting section of this course. This is the first crypto course I really learn this method and Rebecca, one of the teacher, explains it with the software Tradeview. She explains it in a manner that it is easy to replicate and follow to help us develop our skills on our own.

A brief overview of this charting methodology with Tradeview:

  1. Define the support and resistance at 1 month on the chart.
  2. Locate resistance zone on the 1 week and the daily chart with a different color for each timeframe.
  3. Define the trend in the 4 hours chart.
  4. Identify pattern on the 1-hour chart to see a resistance or a movement.
  5. Use the Fibonacci indicator on the 1-hour timeframe to see went to make the decision; at which price to buy and set the cut loss.

Trading Journal

Rebecca mentions that it is important to record our trades in a journal. This will help to improve and readjust our strategy along the way. You should become a better person and learn from past mistakes. Your trader journey will be enhanced with more experience and wisdom.

The advantages

What I liked from the course are the following elements:

  • A good methodology explained before making your decision to enter or exit a trade.
  • The expertise of two teachers.
  • Ravinder Deol has a good way of presenting the material with relevant text.

The disadvantages

  • No link and explanations where to start with the charting software Tradeview.
  • Sometimes, when the teacher is talking, the face become blurry when the text appears. Instead, he should have moved his face in another part of the screen.

Last word

This course has opened my mind to the importance of analyzing investment decision with charting software. This methodology will help you to profit from the wonderful world of the crypto market.  Also, the course gives some information on the fundamental analysis. When you combine both techniques, you get an edge to make a better return on your trade.

I plan to start trading and apply this knowledge for short-term profit. I recommend you to enroll in this course and make wiser decisions.

Click on the link below and learn the wonderful world of charting with Tradeview. The most exciting, you should become a better crypto trader.

Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins

Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins

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