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imageYour busy life

You are a very busy person, every morning you wake up to go to work. When you finish, it is time to prepare the supper, and get the kids to sleep. These days, we have many things to do, and less time to accomplish what we would like.

When are you going to find the time to stay informed? You are eager to know what happens in the crypto world? Even me, working full time on this blog, I have difficulty to stay up to date on every subject, it is almost impossible. As you may notice, you have plenty of options where you can find information like Youtube, Reddit, and crypto news sites. Who has time to go on all these sites?

The solution

Lately, I started to follow two channels on Reddit and one post I saved on Pocket inspired me to write this post. I found a website that aggregate news from many sources in one place. The website in question is Coin Spectator.

As you can imagine, if you are a busy person, this is a good place to stay informed about the crypto world. Coin Spectator gets the news from over 150 sites, this is a huge number. Can you imagine checking those sites ones by one? This would be the equivalent of a full day of work, with overtime!

Look at the interface to see what to expect. What I like is the very minimalist interface and it gets straight to the point of what you are looking for. The news appears instantly on the main page. I tried it on my smartphone and the site is mobile friendly, so you can read the crypto news on the bus while going to work.


The advantages

The advantages of using the Coin Spectator platform are:

  • You can save a¬†tremendous time of your busy life.
  • Have all the news in one convenient place.
  • You can make a search for a particular topic.
  • No publicity on the site at the moment, so the page load fast, the webmaster asks for a small donation.
  • Help you to make a wise decision on your crypto investments.

The last word

The world of crypto is moving so fast and to stay informed is essential if you want to make the right move on time. As you may know, knowledge is power.

Coin Spectator offers you a simple place to get your crypto news. I recommend you to save the link in your favorites, so you can visit it later.

Where are you getting your crypto news normally?

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