CMC – The Marvelous and Incredible app to monitor your crypto portfolio!

cmcWhat is CMC?

CMC is a smartphone app that permits you to monitor your crypto portfolio. With a single push of the refresh button with the force of your finger, you have what you are looking for.

The application is well designed and it is monetization only with small ads on the lower screen. The best part is that you have the latest price of any crypto, the market cap and also the corresponding graphic.

My experience with the product

Wow, this is the only app you need for your crypto monitoring. That is the only one I have installed on my smartphone now and I use it daily. It is like a morning ritual when I start my journey. This is the first thing I use to look at the latest crypto price. I know I am a crypto junkie!

In the beginning, I was lost with the interface and the navigation. Like everything else in life, you need to take time to see the logic behind it.

After a couple of days, I was better and more in control of the options included in the app.

You can download the app with the following link: CMC

The advantages

The advantages of the product are:

  1. You can find any coins that are listed on CoinMarketCap.
  2. You can configure the app to show the TOP25 or TOP50 as you wish.
  3. The app shows the graphic versus the price. Also, you can see past variation prices like 3 months or 1 year.
  4. You can integrate into the app the value of your own crypto assets.
  5. Monitor your crypto portfolio with only the refresh option.
  6. Give a technical aspect of any cryptocurrency when you select it.

The disadvantages

The disadvantages of the product are:

  1. The interface is not very intuitive.
  2. You need to put the effort to learn how the options are working.

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Last word

Monitoring your assets is one of the more important tasks you need to do when you are a crypto investor. How do you know if your investment is going good or bad? Any crypto addict will tell you the same!

I read somewhere that when you know the numbers, you are in control. The same rule applies to your personal finance or when you are doing a boring and dull budget.

This is the current app I am using right now. I like to see the instant market price or the value of my crypto asset.

I hope you are going to find this app useful.

What is the app you use to know where your stand with your crypto assets?

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