Raiblocks Captching Pool – Join the Force and Increase your Power and Chance!

Raiblocks new feature

The world of Raiblocks is something great in the world of cryptocurrencies. You need to resolve captcha for a chance to get your coins in your wallet. On April 15, 2017, a cool new feature was implemented, and it will become harder to get this cryptocurrency.

Now, instead of one payment of 400,000 Mrai every 24 hours. The server pays 17,000 Mrai every hour, to the 60 accounts with the more captcha resolving claims.

Work harder to get your Mrai

For sure, you need to have much horsepower with a nitro booster to mine it. If you decide to go on your own, you have less chance to get compensate for your hard work. You need to work in a team like those men on the picture.

I see this evolution the same way as Bitcoin Mining history. In the beginning, it was possible to mine with your CPU, then with a Graphic Card. Today you need to have specialized ASICS equipment that is set up on a data warehouse to mine Bitcoins.


The solution for having your Mrai is to use the concept of a “captching pool”. You can find pools that provide this service at Raiblockscommunity; right now only 5 are listed. More pools should come in the coming weeks.

I tried one of the pool to have the feeling of this new feature. I tried Raipool yesterday and I received 3 Mrai for the test run I made on my smartphone. Under the home page, you need to copy your personal Raiblocks public address and press the button “Work”.

To get more information on the rules of the Raiblocks faucet, I invite you to read the information at raiblockscommunity.


You need to join a captching pool to get your Mrai or your BTC for your hard work. This platform evolve constantly and new features are coming on the way, I invite you to read my previous posts about Raiblocks:




Are you going to join a captching pool?

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