Many ways to buy bitcoins – That should not be too hard to get it in your wallet

Buying bitcoins should be something that everybody should do easily. You intent to acquire some for your long term investment? You must have it because you are from a country where the sovereign currency is not managed properly? You need to buy bitcoins to make purchase anonymously and consume products that you don't want anybody to know about?

Many reasons exist, the most fundamental question is how to buy it? After 8 years, the bitcoins ecosystem is pretty mature. Entrepreneurs and business now offer many ways to users to buy bitcoins. Follow me, let's dive in the water and explore what the market has to offer.

Buy bitcoins anonymously

You want your privacy and this is a fundamental right. You can get your bitcoins without providing your name, id or any documents that can identify you.

  • Localbitcoins: This website connects buyers and sellers in person to buy bitcoins. You can locate someone in your area and check at which price he sells his bitcoin. You can offer to pay cash, as you may already do; is hard to track a payment that you did with fiat currency. Not everyone will accept, but there's nothing wrong to ask, the worst case that will happen, the answer will be no and you move on to someone else.
  • You can use a local bitcoin ATM, and insert fiat currency on it. Not everyone it's near a bitcoin ATM, but if you are lucky, that is a good way to get your bitcoins without any trace. You can check my experience with one of those bitcoin ATM: bitcoin-purchase-atm.
  • The last method I am aware of is with a prepaid credit card. This method involves that you purchase the card in a convenience store or supermarket. Then you buy the bitcoin on an exchange platform that accepts prepaid credit card. I found that the Paxful site accepts Visa/MasterCard gift card.

Buy bitcoins with a credit card

  • Many exchanges platform offer you the opportunity to buy bitcoin with your credit card. You simply enter your information and by magic, your precious digital money appears instantly. As soon as you finished your transaction, don't leave the money on the exchange, transfer it to your personal wallet for security reason.
  • Coinbase: This the largest bitcoin broker available at the moment. The fee is 3.99% when you buy with a credit card, I think the fee is not exaggerated in order to get your bitcoin on this platform.
  • Coinmama: You can buy bitcoin with Visa and MasterCard. The website accepts most country except those who sanctioned bitcoin. The fee by credit card is 10% because of the risk involved; has stated on the website. You can buy 5,000$ USD a day, for a maximum of 20,000$ USD a month.

Many other bitcoin brokers exist out there,  you can easily find them on google. For the purpose of this post, I chose to only list two of the most popular at the moment.


As you can see, many ways exist in order to buy your bitcoins. You have the choice to buy it anonymously or with your credit card in order to get your precious digital money into your wallet.

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